Carmix South Africa is the African agent for Carmix Metalgalante’s mobile, self-loading concrete mixers. This European manufacturer produces a full range of mobile concrete batching plants, dumpers and silos, built on their premises in Italy.

Ten years ago, Bruce Cousins’ family established the foundation that led to the range of mobile mixers being distributed in Africa. Carmix South Africa also provides dumpers, trailer pumps and silos.

“The fact that these mixers are 4-wheel drive means that we can work in remote, rugged areas,” says Quintin Bernhardt, Operations Manager for Carmix South Africa. “We have worked with WBHO in the remote town of Prieska where the closest batch plant was 200 km. We are all about enabling people to mix concrete in isolated locations.”

To make sure that every client benefits from these machines, Carmix offers the opportunity to either rent or buy mobile mixers. Clients throughout Africa can purchase these mobile 4 x 4 mixers. “We already have clients as far as the DRC,” Quintin says. Machines for rent are only available in South Africa due to logistic reasons.

“We offer a quality product at an affordable price. The premium brand offers the user low down-time, efficient work and proof that we are truly here to help clients reach results in locations that would otherwise proof difficult,” he adds.

Quintin Bernhardt, Simone Bascelli and Nikita Partridge represented Carmix at the recent Big 5 Construction Convention.

Carmix South Africa exhibits at Big 5 Construction Convention

Recently, at the annual Big 5 Construction Convention hosted at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Carmix grabbed the attention of many attendees. This is an important event for the global brand and because of this, Simone Bascelli, the African Sales Manager, attended the two-day convention.

“Our brand is present in over 160 countries all over the world and on every continent,” Simone explains. “Due the fact that our machines serve the section of the concrete industry that is not commonly reached, we are present wherever we are needed.”

Carmix’s main product range is the mobile mixers of which seven models are produced. Each model is designed to handle different scales of production to meet every project’s needs. “Other products that we produce are made to support the self-loading mixers. These are the silos to store and manage the cement, concrete pumps to pump concrete vertically and horizontally, and we also produce a dumper with a bucket of six cubic metres to help transfer materials in off-road conditions,” Simone elaborates.

What makes Carmix a premium brand is the top-quality components and best technology that adds ability to the machines. This is important because remote conditions mean that there is no room for breakdowns. The machines only require diesel to run.

Carmix 4 x 4 self-loading mixers are three-in-one machines featuring a loader, mixer and truck.

A feature that make the self-loading mixers ideal for South African conditions is the fact that clients can produce their own concrete of their own quality. The four-wheel drive machines are actually three-in-one products. The model showcased at the event, for instance, features a loader to assist with loading materials, a mixer to prepare the concrete, and a truck mixer that can deliver concrete where most other mixers cannot. It also boasts an electronic weigh scale that uses a load cell to guarantee that the correct weights are measured and mixed to produce consistent mixes. The machine can even recognise differences and inform the operator that errors have been identified.

Visit the Carmix South Africa website to learn more, or find them on all popular social media.