Carmix Concrete Solutions has a reputation for providing builders and individuals working on construction off-grid sites with reliable concrete mixing solutions. They are the approved dealer of Carmix Metalgalante, the Italian manufacturer.

To bring clients solutions for construction in rural communities and ensure effective mixing, Carmix’s self-loading concrete mixer is the perfect choice. What is more, the company also offers clients rental options, giving your business flexibility.

Whether it may be a project in a rural area or in a residential location, Carmix’s self-loading concrete mixers offer contractors versatility and independence from the power network or batching plant.

Carmix self-loading mobile concrete mixer

On building sites, a self-loading mobile concrete mixer is a flexible and effective tool for mixing and moving concrete. Due to this dual ability, there is no need to fully rely on a batching plant. The mixer’s loading bucket picks up and loads building materials such as sand, gravel, and cement into the mixer’s, mixing drum.

Carmix’s self-loading mobile concrete mixers are advantageous for a number of reasons. Their mobility and 4×4 capabilities mean enhanced flexibility for the contractor that needs to transport concrete over difficult terrain. The client can rest assured knowing that these machines can be used for a variety of building projects, from modest residential applications to large-scale projects.

The benefit of these self-loading concrete mixers also include that they can easily be operated by a single person, meaning that it saves labour costs as well.

From the cabin, the operator controls the loading, mixing, and unloading of the materials. Thanks to the Carmix mixing drum that rotates to 300 degrees (left to right), concrete pouring is a breeze, even in confined locations.

The mixing drum can rotate from left to right up to 300 degrees to make pouring in small or difficult spaces possible.

It is diesel-powered and available in a variety of sizes: from compact models that can produce and deliver only 1,5 m3 of concrete at a time to bigger models that can handle up to 5,5 m3.

How does the self-loading mixer work?

Depending on the particular model and configuration, the components of the Carmix mixer may vary somewhat, but generally speaking, a typical Carmix mixer consists of the following: The mixer is made up of the Perkins engine, transmission, hydraulic system, and other vital operating components. The mixing drum is situated above this. The drum is the container where the ingredients are combined. A loading bucket made by Rexroth Hydraulic attached to the back of the vehicle is used to fill the mixing drum with cement, sand, and aggregates. The bucket holds 600 litres.

A water system is also included on the unit. To add water to the mixture, it has two interconnected tanks with a combined capacity of more than 750 litres. This same water system can be used to clean the drum afterwards. A handy water meter indicates the level of the water tanks.

Inside the cabin, the control board has a joystick and control panel that manages all the functions of the mixer, including the concrete’s mixing and discharge.

To find out more about the rental options available for a mobile self-loading concrete mixer from Carmix, visit their website or call (+27)11-608-4929.