Castrol is a household name that needs no introduction, but this brand is making sure that they remain unforgettable. From the nostalgic Boet en Swaer adverts that gained popularity at the start of the millennium until now, they aim to show consumers that they have the liquid engineering they can trust.

Post pandemic, Castrol has ensured that they reach the end consumer, by making it a priority to attend important events.

“The Festival of Motoring is a great way to get our Castrol name out there again,” says Melanie van Straten, Sales Director at Castrol South Africa. “We need to keep in touch with our clients and seeing them at events is still the best way to do that.”

Post pandemic, 2023 is the second year that they are present at the Festival of motoring.

Melanie explains that the decisions that the brand is currently making are all aimed at building long term relationships that will remind consumers about the quality of lubricants. “We do not want to just resonate with the older generation; we are here for the younger generation as well as those to come,” she states.

“To this day, people connect the “can of the best” with Boet en Swaer. But we now have new influencers who will lead in Castrol’s future. These are Primo Baloyi and a Castrol Auto Service independent workshop owner based in Durban,” Melanie elaborates.

“It is significant for us to use these new influencers to educate the market about the right oil for your car. We want our customers to ask for us by name because they understand the quality Castrol has to offer.”

The Castrol team at the Festival of Motoring.

Castrol has the right oil for your car

Just as their marketing has evolved, so has the technology that Castrol offers in their lubricants.

Fun Fact: 70% of South African car oils should be a fully synthetic which is the 10W40 due to car ages. But 72% still use the GTX which is a mineral grade lube. Why? Simply because of nostalgia.

When asked about how the technology has improved, Melanie poses this scenario:

When an Original Equipment Manufacturer makes a vehicle, it needs to be done with certain specifications. As technology has improved over time, the viscosity of the oil that is needed changes. For example, a GTX is a 20W50 which is much thicker and made for cars that are a lot tougher on the road. It can tolerate heat and conditions are much different. Nowadays, most cars have so much new technology, the viscosity is around 0W20 to 0W30, which is significantly thinner.

MAGNATEC with its low viscosity protects your engine and improves performance.

“Historically, idling a car meant it gave thick oil a chance to reach everywhere in the car’s critical parts and lubricate it. But now, you don’t run the risk of running a dry engine because it coats those parts from start to stop,” she adds.

Castrol has a lubricant for every vehicle.

Castrol goes beyond lubricants

“There are 8 000 registered and up to 80 000 unregistered mechanics in South Africa,” Melanie says. “So, we wanted to make sure that we focus on the independent workshop space.” Castrol aims to partner with these workshops to ensure that they are meeting standards.

“They are associated with the brand, but the best is that we are offering solar solutions for workshop power supply to everyone who is joining the team. We invest in the workshop branding, social media and press coverage to help drive traffic into those workshops.”

Currently there are 28 branded Castrol auto service stations. This helps grow the economy and supports citizens.

“In addition to passenger car oil, we have an extensive range of agricultural lubricants to suit the farmer’s needs,” Melanie explains. “Farmers deal with so many variables, the last thing that needs to be their concern is equipment failure due to inferior products. Castrol has the product that provides protection to your engine parts and ensures longevity,” she concludes.

Castrol has a long history in South Africa.

Do not hesitate to contact the Castrol team on 011-488-5111 or to visit their website at Remember to also visit their stand at NAMPO Bredasdorp.