Castrol understands that the transport industry forms the veins of any society. Without it, no goods or supplies would make its way to where it is needed. Without transport, farmers would not have access to inputs such as feed and fertiliser, and it would not be possible to transport produce and livestock to markets.

One of the major hurdles that the transport industry faces is road safety. This is in part due to the crumbling infrastructure in some areas, but also the volatile economy that makes life difficult for drivers: long hours for low wages, long distances without safe places to stop, tight deadlines that cause stress, and dangerous encounters with pedestrians, criminals, and saboteurs.

Fortunately, there is also positive news: Castrol devotedly keeps the wheels and cogs of the transport industry running smoothly, while simultaneously supporting high standards of road safety.

“We are a huge brand in commercial and passenger vehicles,” says Jenny Heyes, Castrol’s Marketing Director Africa. “Making growth in the commercial vehicle industry means we also look at the opportunities we have for our brand such as going to NAMPO or supporting the road safety cause As a company that works with fuels and lubricants, road safety, especially with trucks, is key for us. But we also understand that for other businesses it is also important.”

According to Jenny, there are two reasons for any business to care about road safety: first because of the well-being of employees, and second the reputational damage that can occur when a particular brand’s truck is involved in a major road incident.

The road to the Road Safety Awards

Castrol has joined hands with MasterDrive as one of the major sponsors for the Road Safety Awards.

“When MasterDrive approached us, we jumped at the chance to be a part of this. We feel that we can contribute as a sponsor because we understand vehicles,” Jenny explained.

“For Castrol, our goals with the event are to identify and develop road safety as a gold standard by creating buy-in, to reward companies that contribute to road safety, and to motivate and inspire road safety success.

“We also feel that this is a good networking opportunity where we can provide businesses with relevant input. We want to drive the consciousness of safety even for passenger vehicles.”

Jenny Heyes, Castrol’s Marketing Director Africa.

Participating in the Road Safety Awards

The 2023 Fleet Safety Awards competition was launched on 6 June. The awards are designed to showcase the commitment of entrants to road safety. This is the second year the event is running. There are 5 categories, 3 which are new:

  • Best fleet manager
  • Best company
  • Road warrior
  • Best employer
  • Best truck stop

“When companies and fleet managers decide they want to participate, they are audited throughout the year in terms of the criteria needed to qualify for the awards,” Jenny says. “The awards are used to incentivise positive changes in the work environment that improves working conditions for the driver.”

It is a chain reaction originating from the desire to win improving working conditions across the industry, which, in turn, creates a safety standard across the country.

The prestigious nature of the award means that any company can show that they not only meet the benchmark of road safety requirements, but are also one of the best in the country. This benefits them because some retailers, for instance, ask that producers show that they meet certain policy requirements. It all ties back to reputation as well, where even their suppliers need to meet safety standards.

The first round of entries is currently open until the 18th of July 2023. To enter today, visit

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