Multiknit’s shade net is truly like having your cake and eating it too! Their shade net has the perfect balance, being affordable and looking good as well.

When it comes to creating comfortable outdoor spaces, shade netting plays a crucial role. Whether you are designing a cozy patio, enhancing your garden, or protecting delicate plants, finding the right shade netting can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Let us explore how to strike the perfect balance between decoration and affordability.

Material matters

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is a lightweight and durable material, commonly used for shade netting. It provides excellent UV protection while allowing air circulation. This extremely functional material can be found in a variety of colours – making it fit for the eye as well! Consider shades like beige, green, or black. Beige blends well with natural surroundings, green complements plants, and black adds a sleek touch.

Some shade netting comes with decorative patterns or weaves. These add visual interest and elevate your outdoor aesthetics. Explore custom designs or choose from pre-made patterns that resonate with your style.

An important factor to take into consideration with shade net, is shade percentage. Shade percentage refers to the amount of sunlight that can penetrate through a shade net. It is calculated by determining the percentage of light blocked by the net. Look for shade cloth with 30 to 60% shading. These nets provide decent sun protection without breaking the bank.

Budget-friendly choices:

It is worth it to explore some of Multiknit’s off-the-shelf solutions: Ready-made shade cloths are cost-effective and readily available.

Making sure that you buy durable net is also smart. Invest in high-quality netting that withstands weather conditions and lasts longer. This way, you do not need to replace it often.

The perfect balance lies in choosing shade netting that aligns with your budget, style, and practical needs. Multiknit allows you to put all your eggs in their basket and be comfortable knowing the outcome will be what you expect.

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