Keeping pace in today’s digital world is now more relevant to the Agri sector than ever before. With the monitoring and allocation of various assets in the field, utilising a digital platform that contributes to the productivity and cost reduction of farm operations, has become an invaluable tool for all farmers.

With the newly launched platform from Ctrack, called “Crystal” farmers can now reap the rewards of a fully customisable, always on, live, and in the cloud platform to ensure harvesters, tractors, sprayers, loaders, hedgers, balers, conveyers and any other farming asset are “Always Visible”

With Crystal farmers are able to improve farming performance and in turn save cost with better asset utilisation, better planning, and strategic decision making.

While the tried and tested hardware solutions remain unchanged, Crystal brings a host of new and innovative features that can be taylormade by the user to their needs and requirements.

At the core of all Ctrack solutions are 5 key focus areas, Safety & Security, Driving Behaviour, Productivity, Control (Compliance) and Asset Management.

Safety & Security

At the heart of Ctrack is the ability to track moveable assets. With Crystal, this can now be done and viewed in real-time and on a live dashboard map.

Digital pre-inspection reports ensure vehicles are maintained, problems are flagged and assets are better utilised, ensuring asset uptime.

The pro-active monitoring of drivers and farm workers operating farm assets further contributes to better asset control by reducing collisions, speeding and avoiding dangerous locations. Theft and tampering alerts can also be configured.

Driver behaviour can be monitored by a variety of methods, including in-cab cameras with high-tech Artificial Intelligence, geo-zone location mapping and virtual fences (go and no-go areas), as well as asset alerts, all configured by the farmer or farm manager to ensure the correct information is received at the correct time.

Driving Behaviour

The all new native Crystal app gives managers and drivers enhanced control of their daily activities with features such as two-way messaging, job listings, navigation and an integrated camera solution.

Productivity & Efficiency

Live data is crucial for optimal and strategic planning. Ctrack Crystal offers a more powerful user experience with data and reports readily available, allowing farm managers to be more proactive as well as reactive when necessary.

Visibility of farm activities through a visual dashboard representation further accelerates decision making with a clear view of assets working in the field. With Crystal being in the cloud and in real-time this can be achieved from anywhere in the world and at any time.

High level overview, and at a glance views and reports allow managers to stay on top of factors like productivity and usage without having to sift through long reports or view the data sets of each asset individually. User defined reporting means that intelligent configuration can showcase the exact data required.


Live data on live maps means pinpoint accuracy on the location of assets. Along with user-defined reports and alerts, this results in enhanced control and efficient use of assets, helping you get the best return on investment (ROI)out of the machinery in your fleet.

Added visibility allows farm managers to get accurate reports on machine usage, ground coverage, service schedules, where and when machinery was used, integrated peripherals, and machine distance in a manner that is easy to view and understand.

User defined reports are now simple to set up and can be utilised for reviewing of machinery usage in conjunction with satelite imagery.

Crystal can also be utilised by crop farmers to analyse the patterns of use and determine whether diagonal, up and down, or left and right, are the most effective way of preparing their property according to their strategy for that year and the specific time of the year.

Asset management

The combination of real-time visibility, proactive planning and information readiness ensures efficient and productive usage of all assets. Ctrack Crystal provides critical data that allows you to stay ahead of usage, service maintenance schedules, and licencing, as well as the way that drivers are utilising vehicles.

Ctrack pride themselves in being able to track and trace a variety of movable assets. Throughout their 35-year history Ctrack have also developed bespoke solutions for a variety of industries most notably the agricultural industry.

With farmers having to deal with increasingly tightening margins, it is imperative to farm smarter in order to stay ahead in this challenging environment, and Ctrack Crystal is another tool in the farmers arsenal to achieve exactly that.

Source: Ctrack