Nowadays, the condition of a farmer’s fence is equally important to that of his sheep. Therefore, Johan Venter, part-time sheep farmer and broker from Middelburg, quickly erected a fence on his farm.

“Two years ago, we acquired the 40 hectares of land for the purpose of erecting a factory to manufacture safety doors, but I started to systematically develop the farm”, Johan says.

First, he started a chicken project and then began sheep husbandry for which he needed proper fences.

Fortunately, Bonnox’s new Econo lightly galvanised 1,2 metre fence came to his rescue. According to Johan, he did not want to use traditional barbed wire, as such fences would not properly protect his sheep. “Stray dogs can still pass through barbed wire, and I also try to keep jackal out, although I have not really experienced predator problems yet,” he says.

Johan already had 2 km of Bonnox erected when ProAgri called on him, and he says it takes very little time to erect 100 m of Bonnox. Planting the corners posts is the biggest part of the job, he says, and afterwards only two workers erect the fencing. Straining posts are 98 m apart, and between them Y-standards are driven in every 10 m.

Johan is very satisfied with Bonnox, and he said that he has worked with the Bonnox people before: “The pro-duct is easy to work with, durable and can be erected very quickly.”

He says Bonnox’s people are very helpful, accurate and knowledgeable. “I have absolutely no complaints; they deliver superb service. When I call them with an order, I can pick it up the next day and they always supply exactly what I have ordered,” Johan says.

Sheep are safely kept in their camp and predators outside by the Econo range from Bonnox.

More about the superb Bonnox products:

  • Bonnox has more than seventy different products that can be applied for various tasks.
  • Fence heights vary from 0,6 to 2,4 m, and with their unique Ringlok®, even the steepest slopes pose no challenge for Bonnox.
  • Bonnox also offers an economical, lightly galvanised variant of their nine most popular products.
  • The products include: Money Saver, Close Mesh and Kombi Mesh ranges.
  • Bonnox can export directly from its Centurion factory in Pretoria to many African countries and other destinations and beyond. However, farmers often prefer to collect the fencing and accessories directly from the factory themselves.
  • The Bonnox website explains how a farmer can erect a Bonnox fence himself.

There is no fence more pleasing to the eye than Bonnox.

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