The need for battery and solar powered products is increasing by the day. This is exactly why you need Gallagher’s MBS6500i Multi Powered i Series Energizer.

This off-grid power system allows you to power your electric fence, no matter the circumstances. The system uses the main power source, battery, battery backup or solar power to function. You can choose what works best for you.

When investing in the i Series, there are a range of accessories available. Get the full package with the MBS6500i Multi Powered i Series Energizer, i Series Battery Backup, i Series Comms Pack and i Series App Gateway. To optimise your electric fence experience, you can use these products in combination with each other.

Save hours of searching for fence faults with the i Series Comms Pack.

Security, control, and peace of mind are some of the benefits you gain when using the i Series Energizer. You are provided with real-time information about the status of your fence, any faults, and you have the ability to turn it on and off through the Energizer Controller. This controller gives fence performance information from up to 50 m away. This distance can be increased by adding an additional RJ12 cable or 200 m low resistance cable. All the data gathered can be viewed in a separate display.

Furthermore, you have 24/7 access to monitor and control your fence. The i Series App Gateway allows you to connect to the Gallagher Ag Devices mobile app. This means you can control what is happening from a distance via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The real-time notifications that you receive directly on your phone allow you to be in complete control.

The MBS6500 i Multi Powered i Series Energizer guarantees 24/7 power no matter the circumstances.

If you choose this system, your fences are constantly monitored with smart adaptive electronics. When the fence conditions change, the output energy can be adjusted to maintain the right voltage. The i Series Comms Pack allows you to locate a fence fault as well as turn the Energizer off and on, all from a distance. If you want to measure performance on specific areas of your farm, you can do so by installing up to six monitors on your fence line. You can view different zones on your fence system at a time.

Be in control. Be aware of your fence faults before it becomes an issue. This is what the MBS6500i Multi Powered i Series Energizer unlocks for you.

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