GFP Machines has over 22 years of experience in the industry. They are the largest stockists of woodworking machines in Africa. Industrial workshops or woodworking factories can turn to them for quality machines and service.

The company was founded in 2000 by Gys Potgieter who wanted to share his more than 36 years of experience in wood crafting and machine supply with customers. His dedication to bringing customers superior equipment that can do the job is evident as the best machines are sourced from across the globe.

To ensure quality in every unit, brands that are well known for their quality are carefully selected. Among these are Rhino Band Sawmills, Wood-mizer, Norwood, Nukor, Lucas Mill and Bestbier.

All staff members are experts in the field of wood processing and related industries.

GFP Machines woodworking showroom and factory.

Pre-owned woodwork machines

Every second-hand machine purchased by GFP Machines for reselling is hand-picked by founder Gys and his business partner, Gavin Prowse.

Designated specialists carefully inspect any second-hand arrival to ensure it is in working order. Machines are then refurbished. Each unit is completely taken apart to receive a thorough cleaning and to replace worn out parts.

By stocking both new and pre-owned machines, GFP Machines has something for everyone at affordable prices. The company ensures that there is always stock available, boasting over 450 machines, ready for purchase.

GFP Machines woodworking showroom and factory.

The GFP Machines promise adds value to machines

Due to the confidence that GFP has in its machines, they have a 7-day return policy. This means that if a customer is unsatisfied or the machine has a problem, he can return the machine within 7 days of purchase.

In addition to this promise, GFP provides training to any customer who requests it. Because the machinery is complicated, it can be dangerous to work with if you are not properly trained. The training provides insight into the use of machine; it isn’t only basic training.

With more than 450 machines always in stock, you can be sure that there is a solution for every need.

Furthermore, the company also offer consultation services. Thanks to the many years of experience that the knowledgeable staff has, the team is able to guide clients in finding the right machine to suit their needs, and how to use it properly and safely. If you are looking to improve your business, streamline your production line, or venture into a new sawmilling or woodworking project, you can also turn to GFP Machines.

An example of the type of consultation they give is that of a client who recently approached the company. The client was looking for a specific solution to cut 500 doors. GFP Machines recommend a specific type of machine and the number of machines the client needed to complete the job.

Since GFP mainly supplies industrial machines, they have identified the need for assistance where a client sets up a wood processing business for the first time. In such an instance, engineers help identify the machines necessary to start the business, travel to the location to help set it up, and ensure that the staff are properly trained to operate the machines.

Geography doesn’t limit GFP Machines in assisting clients

GFP Machines offer delivery nationwide as well as across the borders. They have even assisted customers with machines in Dubai and Australia. The company uses an inhouse delivery service, but customers are welcome to arrange their own pickup and delivery.

Where clients are located in other countries, the company has ways of assisting them remotely. Before purchase, the full specifications of the machines are available. Before shipment, the team records videos to show the client how the machines work – and that they are in working condition.

One of the ways in which GFP Machines ensures quality in their new and used machines is to choose brands that are well-known for their quality

GFP Sawmills invites you to come grab a cup of coffee at their premises in Lenasia and view the machines. Contact them on +27(0)11-948-7934 or visit their website at