New triple-action formulation of Shell FuelSave Diesel cleans even more thoroughly than before to help improve fuel economy and recover power in heavy-duty engines.

Shell Commercial Fuels has launched a new formulation of Shell FuelSave Diesel with advanced cleaning properties, which helps customers in the road transport, construction, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors to improve fuel economy and recover power.

With the number of trucks, buses and equipment powered by diesel engines, innovation in diesel fuels still have an important role to play, and Shell is committed to developing technology to help customers get more from their vehicles. Shell FuelSave Diesel now features a unique triple-action formula which offers a deeper clean.

After just one tank, the new formulation helps to clean up fuel injector nozzle deposits and Internal Diesel Injector Deposits. It is also designed to help protect Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems from deposit build-up, thus boosting vehicle reliability.

By providing a fuel injector cleanup and keep-clean effect, the new formulation helps businesses to avoid unplanned breakdowns and replacements. Without cleaning, six- or eight cylinder engines may require replacing a whole set of injectors, accumulating costs to the point of having an impact on the bottom line.

“The past few years have been turbulent for our customers, to say the least,” said Kong Hua Ong, Technical Advisor, Shell Commercial Fuels. “They have faced various challenges including increasing costs, new ways of working, and tightening environmental targets. On top of this, engine technologies continue to advance, meaning operators’ fuel choices become increasingly important when dealing with current market demands.

“Our new formulation of Shell FuelSave Diesel is designed to ease these stressors by ensuring equipment is less likely to fall foul of engine deposits. It combines key ingredients including a deposit control additive to target and remove injector deposits with a combustion improver which helps keep the EGR system clean. This helps to promote better engine performance, reduce downtime, and drive down maintenance costs, allowing businesses to maintain a competitive edge.”

Injector nozzle in a heavy-duty vehicle. The image on the left shows an injector in a truck using regular diesel, on the right the image shows the same injector after running on new Shell FuelSave Diesel for 5000 km.

Other benefits of new Shell FuelSave Diesel include:

  • Prevents the loss of load-pulling power and wasted energy for better vehicle efficiency
  • Achieves 83% power recovery to help operators get the most out of their equipment
  • Protects against fuel system corrosion to help reduce maintenance and risk of breakdown
  • Designed to reduce refuelling time and allow a full tank refill
  • Designed to reduce the risk of fuel degradation and maintain fuel quality for longer.

*Can save up to 7 litres of fuel per tank size of 195 litres. Helps to clean and protect key fuel system components, such as fuel injectors, from the build-up of performance robbing deposits and hidden internal injector deposits. Compared to regular diesel without performance additives and with the same level of biocomponent. Based on Shell’s proprietary test methods in a range of HD engines / vehicles (including on-road and off-road technology). Compared to regular diesel, showing up to a 3,75% fuel economy benefit under equivalent steady state conditions at the end of test. Actual savings may vary according to vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.

For more information, visit New Shell FuelSave Diesel | Shell South Africa