Whether you are an avid camper who enjoys a braai, or if you own a catering company, or simply appreciate quality tableware that does not easily break or perish, Blue Swallow Catering has the product of your dreams.

This company has proven its worth as it was already established in 1997 and is still thriving today with branches in both Cape Town and Centurion.

This proudly South African company produces dinner plates, side plates, bowls, cereal bowls, tumblers, wine glasses, trays, cutlery, and design tableware that is made from high-grade Polymer materials such as Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, ABS & PETG. These are some big words to say that the products you purchase from Blue Swallow Catering is durable, functional, attractive, affordable, lightweight, stackable, and easy to clean.

Versatility is the word with their customer base including retailers, bed-and-breakfasts, guesthouses and hotels, retirement villages, old-age homes, clinics, rehabilitation centres, industrial caterers, function caterers, restaurants, corporate companies, schools, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Quality and convenience

No hassle and stress-free, these products are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Because they are light, it is easy to transport or take with on travels. This makes it the ideal equipment for any outdoor adventure.

All our products are recyclable. Further, Polycarbonate is 17 times stronger than glass, have a high UV resistance and is low maintenance. Not only that, but they will keep looking good because of their stain- and scratch resistant characteristics.

Blue Swallow Catering has an extensive range of products. If you have a specific request, they also design and manufacture items according to your specifications. Some of their products are available in bright, fun colours like blue or red, but it can be tailored according to your needs.

The Braai Butler

Blue Swallow has recently launched a product called the Braai Butler. This little, adjustable braai (barbeque) grid is the epitome of “good things come in small packages”.

Even though it is small enough to wedge in anywhere when traveling, it can hold a kilogram of boerewors or four braaibroodjies.

When purchasing this braai grid, you also receive a display bowl with a clip-on lid, soak powder solution and soft brush.

Samantha Nothnagel, Branch Manager at Blue Swallow Catering in Centurion, explains how easy it is to clean the grid. “When you are done with your braai, you put one scoop of the soak solution, hot water and the grid inside the bowl and soak it overnight. Tomorrow morning you can wash it with the soft brush that also comes with it.” And that’s it!

The Braai Butler comes in a convenient display bowl that holds the braai grid, soak solution and cleaning brush.

If you are happy, they are happy

“Blue Swallow is a value-driven company focused on excellent customer service, quality products and efficient processes.”

This is how Samantha describes the culture at Blue Swallow Catering. She expands by saying that they have experience and a responsibility to deliver. Personal service and attention to detail are important to them.

I need these products in my life! What now?

All products are manufactured locally in Cape Town. If you happen to be there or in Centurion, you are welcome to visit the Blue Swallow Catering showrooms.

Alternatively, you can browse and order online on their website. They deliver products nationwide.

Despite being extremely durable and strong, the tableware looks classy and attractive.

Order yours now at www.blueswallow.co.za or send an e-mail to online@blueswallow.co.za.