Introducing a groundbreaking initiative!

Just over a year ago, John Deere, in collaboration with our innovative SMART model, embarked on a pioneering financing program to empower farmers with access to mechanisation previously unattainable through traditional banking channels. This trailblasing endeavor saw the strategic partnership of John Deere, Senwes, Innovent, and UFD, a dynamic mentorship group led by young agricultural graduates, predominantly comprised of remarkable female leaders.

Venturing into uncharted territory, this program was designed to break barriers and revolutionise the agricultural landscape. Through rigorous planning and unwavering commitment, we successfully launched a first-of-its-kind financing model tailored to support the evolving needs of modern farmers without the hassle of land title deeds. As we navigated challenges and blazed a trail with no established blueprint, the collaborative efforts of John Deere, Senwes, and UFD proved instrumental in achieving remarkable outcomes.

Initially envisioned to support 15 farmers, our expedition encountered hurdles along the journey, leading to the financing of 10 farmers with a fleet of 13 tractors. Striving for comprehensive support, we curated complete packages encompassing tractors and essential implements, ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

Extensive training sessions were conducted to equip farmers with the knowledge and skills needed for optimal equipment utilisation, planting techniques, and maintenance practices. We have demonstrated that the SMART model is the solution that farmers require in the current landscape.

Witnessing the exceptional success and transformative impact of this program, we are thrilled to announce our plans to extend this initiative beyond borders. Our goal is to extend this program to other regions of the continent, empowering farmers across the area to unlock their full potential and make substantial contributions to the agricultural industry. This program heralds a new era of agricultural financing, promising a brighter future for farmers across Africa and fostering a more prosperous and food-secure continent. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we revolutionise farming practices and empower agricultural communities across Africa!