The JVA Cloud Router™ App allows you to arm and disarm energizers, view your electric fence voltages, open and close relays through any Android or IOS device. The JVA Cloud Router™ App provides Real-time push notifications of Alarms, as and when they happen. With a touch of a button, you can see what is happening with your JVA sites and take the necessary steps to address any problems that may arise.

Control and monitor multiple sites such as your home, farm, factory, or office from the palm of your hand, anywhere in the world.

This is now all possible through the innovative JVA App development as a security and agricultural solution for our new and existing JVA clients at no additional monthly cost. The innovative dashboard allows you to view your sites at a glance and peruse historic event activity such as logs and device graphs – keeping you in control of all your JVA sites.

The JVA Wi-Fi Gateway connects a group of JVA Z-Series devices to the Cloud Router™ App via an existing Wi-Fi network. The JVA Cloud Router™ App gives you a single dashboard to view and conveniently control your electric fence sites, gates, beams and alarm systems.

The JVA Wi-Fi Gateway enables any JVA Security Energizer, JVA Monitor or JVA IP accessory to be added to the JVA Cloud Router system. The single dashboard to view and conveniently control your security sites makes it user-friendly, and the real-time push notifications allow for the most effective way to manage all your sites.

One Wi-Fi Gateway can take register up to fourteen JVA Z-series devices, ensuring it can provide an economic offsite alternate gateway and back-up for any large site. If Wi-Fi is not available, any of the JVA 3G or 4G GSM gateways can be used to ensure your sites remain connected.

The JVA “Cloud Router™” App:

  • Controls and monitors multiple JVA sites
  • Real-time push notifications of events and alarms
  • Site sharing with select user privileges
  • History and event logs
  • No monthly fees
  • Available to download on Android and IOS devices

Test out the JVA Cloud Router™ App by following the below steps:

  1. Download Cloud Router through the Android Playstore or Apple iStore.
  2. Log into the JVA Cloud Router App: E-mail: Password: cloud1234!
  3. Control and monitor the JVA Brisbane Office from halfway across the world!

The following link – will allow you to watch the real-time stream of the system you are controlling at our Brisbane office in Australia.

To view the product on Agri4all click here

For more information on the JVA Cloud Router™ App or JVA Electric Fence Energizers and Devices, visit to locate your nearest dealer.