Gallagher offers highest quality fencing solutions, whether you need to contain your animals or keep unwanted visitors out. Combining practical solutions and technology means that Gallagher fencing will suit any farmer’s need.

Electric fencing plays a key role in managing livestock and equine containment, wildlife exclusion, and optimising grazing and pasture management. With Gallagher fencing solutions, you are guaranteed safe, easy to install, made to last, economical fencing systems with a wide range of options for all animal types and farming practices.

Permanent and portable electric fencing allow your animals to graze in specific areas while other pastures rest and regrow. Permanent fencing creates the longest life, is easy to install and is highly effective for animal control. Portable fencing is easily transported, easy to assemble and flexible for short-term animal control and rotational grazing.

Gallagher’s full range of mains, battery, and solar powered energizers will help you control your animals over long fence distances

Smart Fence G7000

Gallagher’s G7000 brings a new four-wire, 100-meter portable fence system made for temporary needs. It winds up 40% faster and has stronger posts for better stability. The winding system lets knots pass through for easier wire repair. You can use it for temporary paddocks, grazing, or protecting trees. Just connect it to any energizer for a fully portable electric fence. Gallagher’s smart fences are strong and easy to take care of.

Gallagher has a wide range of fencing solutions and products for all your farming and fencing needs.

Keep your livestock safe!

Gallagher’s livestock fencing combines safety, durability, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness. The portable fencing system administers a harmless shock to the animal, teaching it to respect the fence boundary. This reduces stock pressure on the fence, enhancing its longevity. Moreover, installation is twice as fast compared to traditional fencing methods.

Offset fences are used to protect and extend the life of a conventional fence. High tensile fencing, on the other hand, constitutes permanent fencing solutions with high-tension systems, ensuring longevity exceeding 10 years. These systems are straightforward to install and maintain, offering durable protection for extended periods.

Gallagher provides a wide range of power products that supply power to your electric fence. To build a Gallagher electrified fence is as easy as one-two-three. First decide on your power energizer, then construct your fence with Gallagher’s various products and full kits.

Keep your horses happy with Gallagher’s equine fencing solutions.

Gallaghers equine fencing systems will keep your horses safe and sound

Gallagher has various types of equine fencing available; tape, braid and equine fencing lasting many years. It is a highly visible with high-tension that is specifically designed with a coated wire to reduce risk of injury.

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