With the help of science, innovative light manipulation and UV management, photo- selective colour netting creates an environment that can be manipulated into optimal growing conditions for crops to flourish in.

Shade netting can also help benefit water efficiency as it reduces the amount of evaporation from free water surfaces.

A well-constructed shade house provides a protected microclimate, ideal for seedlings, vegetables, cut flowers and pot plants. In hot climates vegetables and cut flowers are grown under shade cloth to reduce heat and light intensity.

The key is to provide the plant with the best quality light, but what is meant by light quality? Photosynthesis is most efficiently driven by blue and red light. Blue light (with a wavelength range of 425 to 500 nm) has higher energy levels which is particularly important for the initial stages of plant growth as well as during the blooming and fruit colouring process. Red light (with a wavelength range of 650 to 700 nm) provides for excellent plant growth and development due to its moderate energy level.

The quantity of blue and red light as well as the ratio of blue to red light must be manipulated by the grower to obtain the best quality, size and colour in fruit or vegetable production or to improve flower size and stem length in flower cultivation.

This process is done by using SpectraNet in different densities and colours, or a combination thereof, to absorb, reflect, transmit and diffuse selected light wavelengths as required for specific plants.

Other advantages of our shade netting are that the fabric does not unravel when cut. If the material is damaged, repair work can asily be done. The flexible, long-lasting and light- weight fabric is easy to erect and “breathes” due to its open mesh configuration.

This year at NAMPO we demonstrate SpectraNet’s strength by erecting a 2m x 2m structure and covering it with SpectraNet Code 20. We will load the structure with 400kg on the Sunday before NAMPO and leave it like that for the entire week.

At the end of NAMPO 2018, our team decided to have a bit fun and our Knittex sales rep, climbed on top of the load. A picture is worth a thousand words and this one says all you need to know about our level of quality and strength and the trust we have in our product.

Knittex is an industry-leading manufacturer of high quality knitted fabric that is durable and 100% recyclable. Their SpectraNet range provides producers with the highest results and best return on their investment. This is backed by years of research and development to ensure that Knittex nets have a guaranteed lifespan of 10 years or more

Visit us at NAMPO this year, stand H10B and stand a chance to win one of 5 Knittex Ground Sheets!