Multiknit, the holding company of Knittex, has existed since 1964. What started as an importer of textiles for agricultural use, now also manufactures 86 different products in their factory in Mkhuhlu, South Africa. Local and international farmers have been relying on this company for years.

“The shade netting we manufacture is made from high-density polyethylene. It is a knitted product that has versatile uses in agriculture,” says Deon Joubert, managing director of Multiknit.

“The importance of a knitted product is that it keeps its shape and pattern while giving you constant shade,” he says.

Under the Multiknit umbrella are the Knittex, Sakpro and Multiknit International brands, which include the products Knipol, Colourshade, SpectraNet, DriZ and Z25. They manufacture and distribute agricultural nets, aquaculture nets, frost protection, windbreak nets, ground nets, boundary and barrier nets, fruit bags and rope.

The Knittex team proudly stands behind the model which demonstrates a peaked roof structure and flat roof structure.

Knittex attracts show attendees at NAMPO 2023

“Our aim for NAMPO 2023 is to re-establish our name as the leader in shade net manufacturing in South Africa. Many of our customers come to visit us during the event. We find that NAMPO is an attraction where we can introduce new products such as our hail release nets,” explains Deon. “We also have a new marketing company that has given our stand a new face.”

At the stand, several models were set up to demonstrate the versatile applications and features of the nets.

The colourful bags on the structure show how strong the code-20 nets are. It is used in the grape and citrus industry and must often bare heavy loads of hail. The knitting pattern combined with the attachment known as the Buggle tube is part of the properties that make the net so strong.

The structure is approximately two by two meters and 500 kg of weight packed in colourful bags lies comfortably on top of the net. This indicates the quality of the nets.

The next model has peaked roofs that demonstrate the hail release net. It is manufactured with the aim of protecting your orchard from hail but keeping the weight down by allowing the hail to roll gently and safely to the ground.

“In areas where it hails a lot, the structure carries a lot of weight. Building a structure that can handle the weight on top of the net becomes an expensive operation. Our solution is a net that is constructed in such a way that the hail is strategically guided to where it falls through gaps to land on the ground inside the orchard.”

Additionally, there was also a hail cannon set up at the stall which is a hail simulation. The cannon shoots ice balls at three times the speed of hail to demonstrate what the net can handle it.

Deon says: “We measure the projectile (ice ball) with a chronograph to show showgoers at what speed the net catches the hail. We’ve been shooting for two days now against the Z25 decorative net which handles over 600 shots in the same spot without tearing.”

A clever scale model shows both a peaked roof structure and a flat roof structure that can be used in the fruit industries. Since the real is so large McCoy in reality, it is difficult to see exactly how it works. But the model clearly shows what it will look like so farmers can have a better idea of the final product.

This scale model of the hail release net shows how the peaked roof guides hailstones into special long openings. The hail then falls through and lands on the soil inside the orchard.

Knittex shows their product ranges at NAMPO

As an example of the various nets they produce, Knittex also exhibited the rolls they supply to distributors. The examples included everything from the code 20 nets to Z25 for the carport industry.

“We offer our loyal distributors a stand on which a variety of rolls of netting fits. We provide the roll stands in different capacities, depending on our distributor’s needs . The rolls are standard 50 m long and 3 m wide. Our distributors can then cut the right length for their customers who buys in smaller sizes,” explains Deon.

This stand of netting has several different products on it that Knittex distributes such as the Z25 net for carports, as well as SpectraNet for nurseries and agriculture.

To see more of Knittex’s stand, take a look at the video here.

Visit their website for more information on the wide variety of net products.