Every day, there are more and more violent home invasions, robberies, and farm murders in South Africa. This is because unemployment is so high that it is luring thousands of people into a life of crime.

However, you can protect yourself and your family with the installation of a simple wireless “early warning” security alarm system that will alert you WELL BEFORE criminals can enter your perimeter area via keypad, SMS, or the Kwebeam app.

We already have many clients to date in South Africa who have used our systems to stop serious attacks.

Krypton Security Systems are official agents, suppliers, and installers of the tried and trusted Kwebeam brand of wireless “Early Warning” perimeter alarm security systems. The managing director of our company, Mark Beresford, has personally installed virtually all types of wireless alarm system brands available in South Africa over the past 25 years. At Krypton Security, we believe that “early warning detection” is the only way to prevent home attacks and robberies. We have settled exclusively on the kwebeams brand over the last 6 years for a number of very good reasons.

The vast majority of outdoor perimeter PIR sensors installed in homes and businesses today do not offer the new “anti-masking” feature whereby, if any attempt is made to cover or mask any sensor, whether the system is armed or not, a built-in sensor siren will sound, the keypad buzzer will alert users, and an SMS message will be sent to up to 10 users to notify them that criminals have attempted to defeat your security system. For example, “masking on front garden sensor”.

The Kwebeam security system has been designed by South Africans for use by South Africans, where we have a specific type of advanced violent criminal element operating. The system is monitored 24/7 for the following alarm conditions, all of which are very necessary when installing an up-to-date, effective security system so that it cannot be defeated by ever increasing criminal methods of defeating conventional alarms.

The following alarm functions are monitored by the system at all times, even if the system is not armed:

  • Anti-tamper: If outdoor PIR sensor is tampered with in any way, for example, removed from mounting, tilted at an angle, removal of PIR cover.
  • Anti-jamming: If any attempt is made to jam the wireless signal that keeps sensors online.
  • Anti-masking: If any attempt has been made to cover or block a sensor from detecting movement, whether the system is armed or not,
  • Sensor Supervision: If there is any attempt to remove a sensor from the area that it has been installed to protect,
  • Mains fail: If any attempt has been made to remove power from the system,
  • Low battery: If any device has a low battery condition,
  • Low airtime: If the airtime on the GSM unit pay as you go simcard runs out (a contract sim can be used if necessary),

Kwebeam system features

The advanced security features of the Kwebeam system are the reason that we offer this system as our preferred brand. The system is very easy to use and very flexible. You can add Kwebeam sensors to any alarm system by wiring the Kwebeam “universal wireless receiver” into any existing brand of wired alarm panel.

The Kwebeam system is the only security system available in South Africa where a siren is built into each sensor, which will scream at over 100 decibels to alert you, and most importantly, the intruder, that they have been detected (this siren can be set to silent if required). If one sensor detects motion, all other sensors will also begin sounding at the same time!

The system can be set and unset in five different ways: using the wireless kwebeam keypad, pressing a remote-control button, sending an SMS to the system, calling the system with your cell phone, or using the Kwebeam App.

How the Kwebeam app functions

The new Kwebeam app, available on the playstore, allows you to live monitor all aspects of the system 24/7, sensor signal strength, GSM signal strength, airtime, battery life, and alarm trigger details. Sensor sensitivity can be adjusted using the kwebeam app. Sensor zones can be tested or isolated as well, if required.

Large areas can be covered using the kwebeam system. The detection range of each outdoor PIR sensor is 18 x 18 metres @ 90 degrees. Up to 30 wireless PIR sensors can be added to a system. The wireless PIR sensors will not trigger with animals, wind, trees, or branches. There are eight sensitivity settings that can easily be changed by the user as required.

The distance between the keypad and the outdoor PIR sensor can be up to 300 metres. Each sensor has a built-in repeater, which enables a strong wireless signal in all areas where you may need to detect criminal activity.

A separate signal repeater can be added to increase the wireless range even further if required. Any device required can be connected to the kwebeam system using the universal transmitter (door contact, vibration sensor, Third party sensor, pressure matt etc). The kwebeam GSM module has built-in inputs and outputs to allow the system to connect to armed response radios, sirens, lights, etc.

Kwebeam Outdoor PIR sensors are supplied with standard “AA” batteries which offer a 3-year battery life on the PIR sensors and a 2-year battery life on the keypad. A low battery warning will alert you in advance if batteries are getting low.

The GSM module offers a 10-day rechargeable lithium battery, which offers an amazing 10 days of power backup in the event of a power failure. A low battery warning will notify you if the battery is getting low after 10 days.

What is included with the purchase of your Kwebeams from Krypton Security Systems?

As an official agent of kwebeams, Krypton Security Systems promises to match or better any quotation that you get using the “Kwebeams” brand

Kwebeams is the only security system manufacturer in South Africa that offers a “No quibble” 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not 100 % happy with the performance of the system.

We offer a full 2-year warranty on all equipment.

Kwebeams have been designed for do-it-yourself installation. However, we do offer a full installation service where we will use our 25 years of experience to install the outdoor sensors in the best position to cover your perimeter. Alternatively, we can pre-program your system so that all you have to do is mount the outdoor wireless PIR sensors and the system will work out of the box.

Users can buy a complete Kwebeam system with 1 wireless keypad and 1 wireless PIR sensor for R3900, which includes VAT. If they need more sensors, they can add them for R2250 each.

Krypton Security is available 24/7 for help over the phone if required. Finance can be arranged for larger systems if required.

Krypton Security Systems provides you with our undivided attention at all times. Please visit Krypton Security Systems’ website at www.kryptonsecurity.co.za or call Mark Beresford directly on  073 207 2992 or 073 657 6755 for friendly professional advice.