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To be Yield Enhancing focused, Kynoch is proud to be innovative and to focus on new product additions, while still prioritising the fundamental principles of plant nutritional agricul­tural inputs.

Yield enhancement does not always refer to the highest yield, but also to more effective ways of obtaining yield, as well as to care for the crop and soil. A skilled mechanical engineer work­ing on a diesel engine can only achieve precision and effectiveness with a com­prehensive array of tools in his toolbox. In the same way, Kynoch specialises in plant nutritional precision and seeks to introduce new products and concepts with pride.

Three of these products are KynoKelp, Humate Black and the Ultra Range.


KynoKelp is our unique auxin containing Ecklonia maxima, seaweed extract. The benefits of seaweed extracts are well-known, and they are seen as one of the essential growth stimulating remedies for crops. Auxin is a class of naturally occurring plant growth substances that are essential for cell differentiation, division, and enlargement.

It can be applied to crops in different ways, including a dip of seedling trays into a solution, soil drench for perma­nent crops, fertigation applications through irrigation (such as centre-piv­ots, sprinklers, micro- or macro-irriga­tion, and drippers), or as a foliar spray.

Seaweed extracts are famous for their root growth stimulation and/or above-ground plant development. Producers are actually also “farming with roots”, so a seaweed extract is es­sential to include in seasonal planning. Good crop root growth is one of the most effective ways of adding carbon to soil and stimulating microbe levels in the soil. Furthermore, seaweed can be used on lucerne and pasture, after cuts or intensive grazing, to promote and enhance regrowth.

Humate Black

Kynoch’s Humate is black in colour and contains primarily carbon, which is beneficial to soil and microbes. It must be decomposed and transformed by soil microorganisms before it can be absorbed and utilised by crops. It (a) stimulates plant physiological metabo­lism, (b) changes fertiliser character­istics through strong ion exchange and adsorption capabilities, (c) improves soil structure, (d) increases the num­ber of aerobic organisms, (e) acceler­ates decomposition and transformation of organic matter, (f) improves plant anti-stress characteristics, (g) im­proves fruit quality, and (h) increases soil temperature while improving ag­gregate structure.

Ultra Range

Finally, the Ultra Range of products is a groundbreaking concept from Kynoch that provides the ultimate means of securing effectiveness. A selection of micro-elements is coated onto fertiliser granules, which are placed close to the seed during planting of row crops to support growth.

This concept has proved highly suc­cessful, providing nutritional elements close to the plant for uptake and availa­bility. The return on investment is direct and obvious. It is an absolute ultra-way of feeding your crops when used on vegetables such as onions, cabbage, and potatoes (to name a few).

During orchard establishment, a fertiliser blend could be applied with a ripper at a predetermined subsoil depth on the orchard design grid. The fertiliser is not accumulated at high levels only at tree positions, but is evenly distributed on the grid; follow the roots and you will notice that the roots follow the “grid”.

Kynoch is a product expert that caters to the needs of the nation by enhancing yield.

For a tailored plant nutritional plan, it is recommended to discuss these products with your Kynoch Agriculturalist and Agent. To find out more, visit their website at