Since July 2023, the Mahindra Scorpio-N has been carrying the ProAgri team across South Africa to farm visits and auctions. Promising to be designed for true adventure, this Mahindra 4×4 makes reliable journeys possible.

“Our biggest need for transport was fulfilled by the Scorpio-N,” explains Lynette van Tonder, livestock specialist at ProAgri. “For our farm visits, we need a reliable vehicle that can take on the challenging farm roads – and the rough tar roads too.”

Lynette testifies that no terrain is too tough for this beast. “It drives like a dream,” she laughs. “It drives really smoothly for a 4×4 and meets all our safety requirements.” There are six airbags in the vehicle, electronic stability control (ESC), driver fatigue detection, as well as a string of sensors that monitor every element and function of the vehicle to ensure everything works all the time.

Power and comfort in a shiny jacket

“On our recent farm visit to Frankfort, we arrived just after the rain. Thanks to the 4×4 capabilities of the Scorpio-N, we didn’t get stuck in the clay. The vehicle can handle the thick mud well,” she says. Rocky hills, freshly ploughed fields, steeps climbs and sandy conditions have already made the Scorpio-N show its mettle.

“This Mahindra model not only has a 4×4 gearbox, but it also has traction settings that improve the vehicle’s control in weather conditions that can be dangerous (such as snow, rocks, rain and sand).

“The sport utility vehicle has proven that it can hold a candle to any farmer’s bakkie.” The 2,2-litre mHawk diesel engine produces 128,6 kW power with 400 Nm of torque. Every model in the Scorpio-N series is built for adventure, but it is available in both 4×2 and 4×4 models. Each boasts a 6-speed automatic transmission.

No terrain is too rough for this beast! Here he is showing off near Hertzogville during a farm visit.

Features of the Scorpio-N that stand out to the team are:

  • Space for all the camera equipment
  • Quick response time for a powerful vehicle
  • Seven comfortable seats for long journeys
  • Suitable for families, but also journalists

“We also really like the LCD screen which makes navigation easier. The GPS system is clear, so we can easily follow the directions to remote farms. The fact that it is equipped with Android Auto also promotes navigation convenience,” Lynette explains.

“Something that the team also benefits from is the USB and C-type ports which help to charge phones or camera equipment in no time. Even if you charge the batteries the night before, a long shoot or full day on the road can easily drain batteries, and this feature just gives us that extra peace of mind.” Lynette also says that the controls on the steering wheel puts all the important settings such as sound adjustments and answering cell phones within reach of the driver.

“It’s safer because you don’t take your eyes off the road.” A bonus is to drive around in so much luxury that also looks nice. “Everywhere we go, this beast attracts attention,” she elaborates. “One of the farmers told me that he thought only helicopters were manufactured in this forest green colour. And it doesn’t just look good, the price is also good, everyone agrees,” she concludes.

ProAgri would like to thank the Raceview Motor Group for making our farm visits possible. Long distances, long hours on the road and many kilometres are part of the journalism and livestock crews’ work, so reliable, fuel-efficient wheels are indispensable. With this Mahindra Scorpio-N we are able to faithfully serve all our customers across the country and come back to our families safely.

To experience the driving prowess and 4×4 capabilities of the Scorpio-N for yourself, book a test drive by visiting Feel free to also call Floris Grobler at (+27)82-338-7538 or send an e-mail to