Peake Equipment created and build an 8 row detasseller, especially for Charl de Villiers, a farmer outside of Prieska in the Northern Cape.

This machine is a whole new concept and Charl is the only farmer in his region that has a detasseller.

Charl farms with wheat, maize, pecan nuts, sheep and cattle.

Charl explains how it works: “Maize that is physiologically ripe has moisture between 25 and 30%. The moisture must be 14% before the maize can be harvested.

The drying process can take up to six weeks to two months. If the canopy is cut off, drying happens quicker because the top is more exposed to the sun and wind. Especially in the Northern Cape.

Another significant risk for maize is that it can fall over due to wind. “This happens when the stems are dry. We cut anything between one and a half meters and it helps a lot to prevent falling,” says Charl.

Charl also thinks that maize tastes great when the canopy is removed. “The bunch of dry detasseled corn can often make a farmer struggle because they pile up on the picker’s head. There is also much less material going through the harvester.”

Detassel will not improve the yield, but it eliminates the risk and helps to buy time for follow-up crops.

Time plays an important role in farming, especially for irrigation farmers who immediately establish the next crop on the same land.

Charl asked Peake to build the machine for him because they have been building other types of machines for years. “I realized that they have the ability to build such a machine,” he says.

More about the Peake Detaseller:

  • Sensors read the height of the plant and the greenness to ensure the optimal removal of the canopy.
  • The cab is comfortable with an adjustable seat and air cooler.
  • Additional lights are available for night work.
  • All controls in the cab are done by a joystick for automatic and manual control.
  • 86 kW @ 2 200 rpm.
  • Four-wheel-drive with unlimited hydrostatic variable speed drive.
  • Good visibility of “InFront” cutters and pickers.

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