Makita’s current outdoor power equipment slogan: “Live Green – Grow Strong” for their outdoor power equipment range, effectively captures Makita’s rich history as one of the world leaders in the manufacture and supply of industrial power tools associated with quality, excellence and reliability. These tools are instantly recognised by their coating of “Makita blue”.

The global trend over the past number of years has seen an increased shift to rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery powered tools that are leaps and bounds ahead of the traditional petrol and electric models.  The main reason being that they provide the user with zero harmful emissions, low noise and ease of use.  There has been a shift in thinking as users of battery powered tools realise that the noise level doesn’t denote the power of the tool and that swopping batteries is quicker than refuelling.  If you calculate how long a Lithium-Ion battery lasts and work on replacing them every 3 to 5 years, then compare with the cost of petrol, oil and maintenance it makes the initially outlay of purchasing the latest outdoor power tools viable.

The 36V (18V + 18V) battery operated cordless range for professional users as well as the 18V range is seeing continuous and exciting innovative developments such as new product offerings and advanced technology on an ongoing basis.

The current Outdoor Power Equipment range includes a variety of Chainsaws; Brush Cutters; Grass and Hedge Trimmers; Telescopic Pole Hedge Trimmers & Pole Saw; Blowers; Lawn Mowers; Pruning Shears and even a Wheel Barrow.

Makita’s South African range now also includes two Portable Power Pack models the PDC01 and PDC1200A01. The power pack model PDC01 provides the user with up to twice as much runtime on 36V models and up to quadruple runtime of 18V models depending on the tool model being used. The PDC1200A01 provides the user with four times as much runtime on 36V models and up to eight times as much runtime on the 18V models, once again depending on the tool model being used.  The LED battery charge indicators allow for monitoring of charge on all four batteries individually and swopping batteries is quick and easy.  The backpack with four batteries weighs about 7kgs and is designed for the bulk of the weight to sit on the shoulders, as well as being height adjustable providing a comfortable and sustainable fit.

The Makita range of cordless battery operated Lawn Mowers, offer efficient grass cutting. Clean-ups are made easier with quiet but powerful blowers.  Cordless chainsaws are ready to work anywhere, anytime and are capable of handling demanding tree-cutting jobs. Hedge Trimmers feature superior balance and are built of performance and with blade speeds and runtimes that get the job done.  There is even a battery powered Wheel Barrow that will assist in the hauling of all kinds of heavy loads with the option of either a heavy-duty carrier and or a bucket. Also included in the range are Grass Trimmers both bike and loop handle models and a pruning/recipro saw and pruning and grass shears.

Makita 18V batteries are engineered for consistent power and runtime and have the fastest charge times in their categories, so the tools spend more time working for maximum efficiency and performance. The Makita 3.0Ah battery charge time from cold is 22 minutes, 45 minutes for the 5.0Ah battery and 55 minutes for the 6.0Ah battery.

There are two options of fast charger currently available the single charger DC18RC and the Two Port Multi Fast Charger DC18RD.  There is also an Automotive available, understandably with a longer battery charge time. The Fast Chargers (sold separately) have a smart-charging system that communicates with the battery during the charging process to monitor current, voltage and temperature. This advanced charging technology helps to optimize battery life and deliver a faster charge. In addition, the charger has a built-in fan to cool the battery.

Makita 18V cordless tools are available as a tool only (without batteries and charger), so the user can easily and affordably expand their tool range, whether that is different size batteries, chargers or different model tools.

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