Gone are the days of guesswork over animal performance. Gallagher Animal Management’s livestock scales give farmers Immediate, accurate, and easily accessible information. It provides insight into an animals growth, health, and performance to make more informed real-time decisions and plan for the future.

“Gallagher’s scales are one of our most popular product lines,” says Mark Smit, Key Accounts and Sales Manager of Gallagher. “It is the way farmers keep track of their livestock’s growth over a time, and farmers can make adjustments where necessary.”

The scale has a robust design, is waterproof, dust proof, sealed, and can weigh in kilogrammes and pounds. The backlit LED screen is easily read in all weather conditions.

Gallagher has different scales available, but even the entry level has Wi-Fi to show the animal’s weight on the farmers mobile phone with Gallagher’s web and mobile app.

“As the farmer weights the animal, the results appear on his phone immediately. The farmer can also make adjustments, change information, or see the results in graphic format.

“Based on the information that the scale provides, the farmer make decisions on which animals must be culled, sold or given special attention to make them grow better,” says Mark.

The more advanced scale’s battery operates for up to 48 hours. It also has a cable to work from your pick-up battery if there is no electricity.

What you need to start weighing:
• Weigh scale
• Load bars with Bluetooth
• Platform for livestock

The benefits of weighing your livestock:
• Monitor animal health
• Select animals by weight for sale and slaughter
• Monitor your feeding regime by monitoring weight gain over time
• Reach target animal weights prior to mating for better reproduction rates
• Determine whether weaning weights have been achieved
• Evaluate animal breeding performance for genetic selection

The various animal scales offered by Gallagher.

If you also want to monitor your livestock’s growth, contact Gallagher via their website: www.gallaghersa.co.za, or call them at 011-974-4740, or send an e-mail to sales.za@gallagher.com.

Their products is also available at agri retail shops and other distribution points.