Since its founding on April 26, 2011, M&H Packaging Industries Limited (M&H) has grown to become a major packaging distributor in Zambia.

The factory, warehouse, and office building are all conveniently situated and located in Lusaka West. Skilled and experienced hands run the show at this firm. Mr. Mohamed Yousuf, a seasoned businessman with extensive knowledge of the commercial landscape in Zambia, heads up the company’s management team.

M&H’s cutting-edge factory is used to make the plain and weaved polypropylene bags that are standard packaging for many Zambian businesses. Even the most detailed requirements can be met by these people.

M&H’s ability to produce packaging materials in-country has improved efficiency in Zambia’s industrial and food processing sectors.

Multiple-item manufacturing

Fabrication of PP Woven Bags

Their facility is capable of producing anything from high-grade polypropylene granules to finished goods. The following are the stages of a typical production cycle:

  1. PP film extrusion
  2. Converting into woven fabric
  3. Cutting fabric into bags
  4. Printing fabric into bags
  5. Printing logo
  6. Sewing the final product
  7. Packaging

They use a quality-enhancing component in production that shields against UV light, stops yarn from becoming fibrous, and gives bags a rough texture. Which improves printing quality and reduces slipping in bags.

Product offering

  • PP woven bags
  • Grain bags and sacks
  • Mealie meal bags
  • Potato or fruit sack
  • Egg trays

Standard PP woven bags for maize, rice, mealie meal, flour, sugar, and chemical fertilisers are produced by M&H Packaging Industries Limited, while non-standard bags are made on order.

  • Size ranges from 5kg to 90kg
  • Various colours as specified by the customer
  • Top finish: heat cut, overlaid seam
  • Fabric options: transport, coloured
  • Plain or woven bags are available
  • Can be printed with the client’s logo and information
  • Bags are made from long-lasting polypropylene

The benefits of PP-woven bags include, high strength, longevity, chemical stability, constancy to thermal – oxidative ageing, high constancy to detergents, can be stitched easily, and decay and mould non-susceptibility.

In 2012, M&H Packaging began producing PP woven sacks after completing the installation and commissioning of our machinery and equipment. In 2013, the monthly production of PP woven sacks and bags increased to 800,000. Potato, onion, and fruit bags woven from polypropylene (PP) enter manufacturing in 2014.

The consistent improvement of both their technological prowess and production capabilities shows that M&H takes a proactive approach to growth. Thanks to the expertise and dedication of their personnel, we are able to meet urgent deadlines and accommodate specific customer packaging needs.

Making potato and fruit sacks out of PP filament yarn

By making use of cutting-edge production methods, the quality of their PP multifilament yarn meets the standards set by the market.

They use quality-improving components in their yarn production, and their technologies allow for the creation of yarn with pneumatic joints, eliminating the need for twisting.

The art of colouring things has been perfected, and the vast palette available can please even the pickiest buyer.

The newest technology is used for product quality control, and it all complies with standards set by the Zambia Bureau of Standards.

Shrink films made of LLDP and LDPE

High-quality LLDP and LDPE shrink films, as well as liners and bailer bags in a range of sizes per customer request, are also produced in their well-established production.

M&H’s goal is to safeguard their products from environmental hazards like dust and moisture as well as physical harm while they are in our care.

M&H’s mission is to deliver customised packaging services that are quick and easy for its clients.

They appreciate working with all of their clients and suppliers.

Send an email to, call +260 975 492 969 or +260 978 223 365, or visit their Facebook page for more information.