Living in a rural area can sometimes be frustrating. Smaller towns do not always have the right products and transporting products from larger metropolitans can be expensive.

If you are thinking about building and want to add some shade to your exterior, you might consider zinc roofing sheets. But they are bulky and not easy to transport.

Multiknit, who is the world leader in the manufacturing and supply of knitted synthetic fabrics, has just the answer for you.

Multiknit provides a wide range of knitted fabrics that can be used in several ways. If you are thinking about shade, why not investigate their DriZ products?

This product has many commercial and domestic applications and can be used for:

  • Vehicle protection: Industrial and commercial car lots, carports, boat parks, car wash bays, valet parking areas, vehicle, boat, and trailer covers
  • Sports and Recreation: Rain protection for golf driving ranges, tennis, soccer, rugby, athletic, and function venues
  • Architectural décor and enhancement: Awnings, shade sails and shade for outdoor restaurants, shopping centres, bars, walkways, bus stops, and specialised building enhancement

Driz’s revolutionary all weather shade net provides the ultimate in all-weather protection against the harsh elements of sun, rain, hail, snow, and wind.

This product comes in a variety of attractive colours, and the stylish and practical fabric will enhance the appearance of your outdoor surroundings, while still protecting your valuable assets.

Driz was launched in 2000 and is water resistant shade netting that comes with a laminated UV protection coating.


Driz must be installed with the UV protection coating facing down or away from direct sunlight and damaging UV radiation wavelengths.

The coating has limited abrasion and tear resistant properties so care must be taken to protect the coating against abrasion, snagging or tearing during transportation, makeup, and installation of covers.

The base fabric of DriZ is knitted using a special polyethylene material, more commonly known as plastic.

Because DriZ is a knitted plastic product it will, when exposed to heat, tend to shrink nominally. Covers must therefore be correctly sized and not left unprotected in the sun or high heat areas before being installed.

  • This product has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation
  • It is a knitted shade fabric made of high density polyethylene – SATAS Quality approved
  • It has an ultraviolet stabilised polyethylene coating
  • It weighs 280 g per m²
  • It is 3 m wide
  • It comes in a roll of 33 m (Standard lengths)
  • Cut lengths can be supplied to order

To learn more about the different knitting options Multiknit provides, visit their website