The manufacturing and distribution company, National Safe, has an extensive national footprint. This company has a wide range of products used by all of Africa’s leading companies. In South Africa, these companies rely on them for their high-quality products and long-lasting capabilities. They have the best products and the best service in the business, and you won’t find it anywhere else.

They assist customers all over South Africa and the neighbouring countries with the maintenance of safes, locks, and strongroom doors through the company’s head office and branches throughout the country. They also have a network of accredited personnel.

It is possible to restore old safes to their original state with the help of National Safe. They cater for the unique requirements of each and every customer.

In order to fulfil the particular needs of each customer, they create individualised designs for any kind of safe, door, and a great deal more, in addition to individualised Mobile ATM Units.

Products manufactured by National Safe Munitions include the following:

Anti Bandit Door

Staff and valuables are protected from armed robberies by the National Staff Anti Bandit Door. Pay and Cash offices, where large sums of money are handled, benefit greatly from its use. External use of these doors is not recommended at all.

The door is made of black undercoated 100 mm x 50 mm steel tubing with a Conti Roton hinge. The 44 mm thick door panel has 6 mm steel and 40 mm wood laminations. Both the inside and outside of the doors are finished with clear-lacquered sapele or oak veneer. Both sides of the door have a 500 x 300 mm bullet-resistant view panel and pull handles.

Roller Shutter Doors

There is a huge demand for High-Security Roller Shutter Doors to help protect companies and organisations from intruders. There are numerous uses for the Roller Shutter Door, including secure areas (banks, government institutions, et cetera), shop entrances, schools, factories, and more.

Quality components and stringent testing ensure that Roller Shutters are built to last and stand the test of time. National Safe does far more than simply supply roller shutters. Roller shutter installation, maintenance contracts, and emergency roller shutter repairs are among the services offered by their team of roller shutter specialists.

Pay Windows

The Pay Window sliding drawer allows for safe transfer of cash, documents and items at tellers. Because of the clever design, normal conversation is possible and the cashier is protected against attacks by the bullet resistant glass. Storm grey, oak or mild steel with primer finish are the colour options for the base.

Categorised Safes (CAT 1-5)

National Safe’s Categorised Safes from Category 1 to Category 5 are supplied dependant on client’s requirements and volumes of secure storage capacity needed (Category 1 being the lowest entry level safe and Category 5 being a high-security safe with thicker barrier material.

Truck Safes

National Deposit Safes are designed to prevent hold-ups and robberies. Cash and single notes can be deposited without waiting for separate tins or pouches. No tins, pouches, or other containers are required, but may be used. To prevent “fishing out”, a non-return device has been installed in the deposit mechanism. There is a 7-lever high-security safe lock fitted to the door.

National Safe can be contacted at 087-008-9977, by e-mail at, or by visiting their website at for additional information.