No one can argue – an indispensable friend on any farm is a good, reliable, tough, strong flashlight that dispels the darkness to foil loadshedding, to see if thugs are stalking the homestead, to check if your animals and tools are still safe, to work on tractors, pumps or other equipment at night, and a thousand and one other tasks.

Nextorch (Pty) Ltd was established in March this year, with Nextorch International, and is now the official importer and distributor of the Nextorch range in Africa.

The variety of flashlights offered for sale spans the entire spectrum of possible needs of every consumer, whether security, camping, in and around the house, and other specialist fields, such as searching for missing persons/stock. The best part is that their flashlights are affordable and guaranteed!

Nextorch flashlights are manufactured to military specifications

All Nextorch products meet military specifications. Take a look online where the Nextorch flashlights are thoroughly tested and even thrown from a helicopter.

All Nextorch flashlights are water and drop resistant to the highest specification. Common waterproof specifications range from IPX1 to IPX8 (Ingress Protection Rating). Nextorch’s products are classified as FL (after IPX8 the highest rating), which means they can be used for military purposes.

All flashlights are manufactured from thick aluminium to keep them light and to prevent them from overheating. The lenses are made of polymer, not glass, which enhances the durability and longevity of the flashlights. There are also no free-moving parts to the torches, which is a requirement for military classification.

Nextorch does not carry out any repair work on flashlights, should the light stop working and fall within the warranty conditions, it will simply be replaced.

P82 long range flashlight

The P82 is a long-range spotlight for night hunting purposes and to prevent livestock theft. This flashlight can shine up to 1 km away! It is designed with two different beams, which shine simultaneously — one long beam for far vision, and one wide beam to easily detect movement around the main beam.

With its impressive battery life, the flashlight can shine continuously for 3,5 hours at its highest setting. The flashlight has tungsten tips for self-defence (if necessary) and for breaking a car window in an emergency. The flashlight also has a stroboscope function to disorient an attacker in an emergency situation. It also has optional extras available if you would like to mount it on your rifle’s scope or stock.

Nextorch’s top quality flashlights. The P82 long range flashlight (left) and the P81 hand light (right) are what any household needs.

P81 hand flash

The P81 is your everyday workhorse flashlight, suitable for everyday use in and around the home. The WL22 beam is wider than the P82 long-range flashlight’s to make it more user-friendly at shorter distances and indoor applications. This light can shine continuously for 2,5 hours at its maximum setting.

The flashlight also has tungsten tips for self-defence and for breaking a car window in an emergency. It also has a stroboscope function to disorient an attacker in an emergency situation.

Nextorch’s P81 handheld flashlight is suitable for all common tasks in and around the house.

WL22 pistol light and laser

The WL22 is a pistol flashlight-laser combination for self-defence. It mounts easily to the bottom of your handgun. This flashlight attaches to any Picatinny rail or attachment point on your pistol, so it can be mounted on any rifle with a Picatinny rail, even a shotgun.

The flashlight can be charged with the USB-C charger without removing it from the weapon and fully charges in one hour.

The WL22 shines 100 m far and is available in an option of a red or green laser. The red laser is more appropriate for security or tactical purposes, where the green is more suitable for hunting. The red laser shines 1 km far and the green shines 2 km far.

Nextorch’s WL22 pistol light-laser mounts on a Picatinny rail or any attachment point on your pistol.

Battery power

Nextorch manufactures their own batteries for the sake of quality and longevity. Flashlights can be charged with a USB-C charger, which means you do not need to remove the battery from the torch to charge it and you do not need any fancy charging devices. You can simply charge the flashlight in your van with the cigarette lighter. The cable comes standard with the light.

The P81 and P82 flashlight shows how full the battery is – four blue lights each representing 25% of the total charge. When the flashlight is turned on, the battery lights can be clearly seen. As the battery becomes flat, the lights will go off one by one to indicate the charge. When the battery is almost dead, the last blue light will flash red. This is very important in emergencies.

Nextorch regularly holds evening demonstration meetings on farms so farmers can see the flashlights in action. These events are presented in collaboration with TLU SA, study groups, Afriforum, and various other organisations. A recent demonstration meeting presented in collaboration with Afriforum was attended by 120 farmers, which proves how important light is for the farmer.

Nextorch also invites farmers who want to organise demonstrations to connect with them.

Stand a chance to win one of three Nextorch flashlights!

During September, you can win one of three Nextorch flashlights. Keep an eye on ProAgri’s Facebook page for more information. Nextorch also offers a 10% discount for anyone who mentions ProAgri with an order.

For more information about Nextorch’s range of flashlights or if anyone is interested in attending a demonstration, contact Werner van der Westhuizen at (+27)73-769-2073, send an e-mail to or visit their website at