A need for a durable waterproofing product, that has bonding and elastic qualities, was identified by the proprietor in the late 90’s.

After extensive experimentation, the first applications were performed in 2000 by NCC Waterprovers cc, owned by the proprietor, which to this day is showing excellent results in the harsh North West province climate (with ref. North West University – Potchefstroom Campus).

Upon several years of rigorous testing, P23 Protective Coatings (Pty) Ltd was established as a company in 2008.

Since 2000, quality tests were performed on the waterproof product, which fully supports unmatched quality, at the price range. These tests include those from the SABS.

Only one South African product has been identified with similar (not the same) attributes but is priced at least 300% against that of the P23 product. Price and quality are therefore most certainly unmatched.

Maintenance is highly recommended, but unlike competitor products, the P23 waterproofing product will sustain itself from the 2nd maintenance application (which is conducted every 3 years) without the need for any further maintenance (please inquire for further info).

In addition to this advantage, once the product is set, all the toxic elements of the (raw) material dissolve, proving this product is environmentally efficient.

Furthermore, additional applications like fishponds, bakkie & trailer linings (and much more) can be treated.

Product Name Description

* P23 Solvent Waterproofing (Grey) : Solvent Waterproofing

* P23 UV Aluminium Top Coat (Silver) : Heat Repellent (primarily roof application)

* P23 Liquid Silicone – Si-Lane 100 (Clear) : Water Resistant (multi-purpose application)

For more information contact sales@p23pc.co.za, 083-379-8256/7 or visit their website at www.p23pc.co.za