Problem Solving Bushes, or PSB as the company is also known, is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane bushes for the automotive, agricultural and mining sectors. The business has been in operation for over 27 years and continues to push boundaries globally.

“We do all the bushes on any motor vehicle’s suspension,” Jan van Niekerk, Operations Manager at PSB, explains. “To accommodate the perpetually growing vehicle market, we do a lot of product development. That is the big difference between us and other manufacturers: our process is quick, and we reach our market effectively.”

V&N Motors trusts in PSB

Many car dealers and workshops are using PSB products when taking care of their clients’ cars. Niel Jacobs, co-owner of V&N Motors, can attest to it. “Because we need quality parts,” Niel says. “We need to have a supplier that can provide us with the same – or even better – quality products than those agents provide.” This is how his business keeps costs lower than agencies during repairs and servicing.

“When we first contacted Jan, he came to see us. We haven’t looked back since,” he adds.

The benefit of polyurethane bushes is that, unlike the bushes you get from other agents, they are not filled with oil, and they also do not consist of rubber,” says Niel. “That means that they can take a lot more punishment and a lot more weight.”

Niel explains that he has noticed that these bushes last much longer than the factory standard bushes.

PSB has the method to create lasting products

When looking at manufacturing bushes, there are two methods to consider. The first is injection moulding.

“Injection moulding is very expensive and can cost you hundreds of thousands of rands,” Jan explains. “That is also only per tool!” Therefore, for any business using this method, they would have to be able to manufacture a vast quantity to a wide customer base.

The biggest difference between injection moulding and the methods used by PSB is the quantity of polyurethane used in the final product. “That is what gives our products a longer life – the polyurethane used improves the bushes’ durability.

Between the high quality of the product and the method of production, PSB easily supplies and exports bushes to markets across the globe.

The proof is in the pudding (or bush)

At the V&N Motors’ workshop, Jan demonstrated the durability of the bushes by placing one in the hydraulic press. The press exercises up to 10 tonnes of pressure onto the bush without breaking it. When it is removed, the bush is slightly deformed, but after a few minutes, it begins to regain its shape. This experiment shows that the bush is more than capable of carrying the weight and impact of the car’s suspension.

“We offer a lifetime guarantee on our bushes, because that is how sure we are of our quality!” Jan emphasises.

“We often have a client from the mining or agricultural sector requesting us to manufacture a particular component,” he says. “From that first discussion to a final product it takes us about a week to put it into production.

“We know what the demand for the bushes are in the industry, that is why it is important to make it as easy to replace as possible. Someone can either replace it themselves at home, or a workshop can efficiently reduce their workload with the easy-to-use products. “

PSB also manufactures other products such as bone pod and saddle sprayer protectors for the agricultural industry.

If you would like to know more about these bushes, or what other products PSB produces, visit their website.

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