Whether you’re a homeowner looking to maintain your garden or smallholding, or a professional with demanding landscaping projects, a brushcutter can make all the difference. However, choosing the correct brushcutter to suit your specific needs and ensure optimal results can often be daunting to the uninitiated.

“And, one size does not fit all” says Wynand Lombaard, Product & Pricing Specialist at Husqvarna South Africa. “Buying a premium brushcutter when all you need is an entry-level model or settling for an entry-level brushcutter for professional tasks, can lead to inefficiency, sub-par results and unnecessary expense,” he cautions. “That’s where our ‘Brushcutter Selection Quiz’ comes in. Avoid investing in a piece of equipment not equal to the task with this short quiz, designed to help you choose a brushcutter to meet your individual requirements.”

Simply answer the questions below:

1. What type of vegetation will you be clearing with your brushcutter?

a) Lawn and edges
b) Large areas, high grass and hedges
c) All of the above plus small trees and bushes

2. How often do you anticipate using your brushcutter?

a) Occasionally or seasonally, only for residential use
b) Intermittently, for land maintenance
c) Frequently, as part of professional or regular heavy-duty use

3. When selecting a brushcutter, what is more important to you?

a) Service life and weight (ergonomics)
b) Versatility and size of tank
c) All of the above as well as high power, torque, and acceleration

4. How important is ease of use to you?

a) Very important
b) Somewhat important
c) Not a major concern

5. Which of these considerations are important to you?

a) Reduced noise levels
b) Reduced emissions
c) Improved fuel efficiency

6. What is your experience level with brushcutters?

a) Beginner, with minimal experience
b) Intermediate, but not an expert
c) Experienced user and comfortable with brushcutters

7. What’s your preferred size and weight range for the brushcutter?

a) Small and lightweight for easy manoeuvrability
b) Medium-sized and manageable
c) Large and powerful for demanding tasks

8. Would you be interested in click-on attachments that turn your brushcutter into a pole saw or hedge cutter?

a) No, not necessary
b) Nice, but not a must
c) Absolutely


Based on the category you fall into, Lombaard recommends the following:

Mostly “A’s”

Consider this entry-level battery-powered model which is great for gardeners:

115iL (www.husqvarna.com/za/grass-trimmers/115il-with-battery-and-charger/)

Mostly “B’s”

These battery-powered models offer versatility and can handle bigger tasks:

520IRX (www.husqvarna.com/za/brushcutters/520irx/)
535iRX (www.husqvarna.com/za/brushcutters/535irx/)

Mostly “C’s”

Explore the following petrol-powered models that offer more power, have less impact and large fuel tanks for extended runtime:

525RX Mk II (www.husqvarna.com/za/brushcutters/525rx-mark-ii/)
531RS (www.husqvarna.com/za/brushcutters/531rs/)
541RS (www.husqvarna.com/za/brushcutters/541rs/)

“Remember though, this quiz is a general guideline. Always consult with a Husqvarna dealer before making a final decision about which brushcutter to purchase and remember to wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when utilising any power equipment,” concludes Lombaard.