The pivot still reigns as king in the irrigation world, but limited access to a reliable power supply, or expensive electricity and inadequate water pressure often prevent farmers from taking this huge step forward.

With Reinke’s new Engine Driven Mini Pivot (EDMP) an extensive farmer can now choose the best spot on his farm to plant some lucerne for his cattle, without worrying about getting electricity to that point. He only needs to take his can of petrol, start the engine, and watch his three hectares of wholesome lucerne grow.

Small farmers with access to flowing rivers or water pipelines in irrigation schemes can now also move away from manual and labour intensive irrigation methods such as flood irrigation or quick coupling pipe systems, and move to the king!

The beauty of the EDMP is that you do not need as much inlet water pressure as you need for a water driven pivot. A farmer can also choose the towable version to keep more than one field going with the same pivot.

The EDMP does not have a control panel, but offers a choice of gearboxes determining the moving speed of the pivot and thus the application rate. There is a low, standard, and high speed gearbox that will determine the speed of the pivot at the same engine revolutions per minute (rpm).

Powering the EDMP is a 4-kW petrol engine. The 22,7-litre tank will propel the pivot for at least 16 hours, even when the engine is running at full speed. For proper irrigation, the engine will never run full speed. A steel cover protects the motor from the elements. Reinke’s experts can help a farmer to choose the correct span length, overhang, wheel size, gearbox, and spray package. Any of the Reinke dealers in Southern Africa can install the pivot on the farm and supply pumps and pipes.

Span lengths on the EDMP vary from 41,8 m to 65 m, and the end boom or overhang can be from 12,8 m to 32 m long. In total the EDMP will not be longer than 97 m. The EDMP is the latest in a whole series of irrigation solutions offered to farmers in Africa all the way from Nebraska in America, but all the parts, service, and expertise that a farmer may need is available locally.

Different gearboxes determine the speed at which the pivot moves, and no further control is needed. There is also no cable theft!

Reinke leads pivot technology

Reinke is the only pivot manufactured with a high-strength steel structure; the high-tensile steel structure, combined with superior engineering, has created an irrigation system that is lightweight, and uncompromisingly durable at the same time. The result is an up to 50% stronger structure weighing as much as 20% less.

In 1968 Reinke changed the centre pivot industry with the introduction of the first reversible, electric drive centre pivot with a collector ring, allowing for continuous rotation. Reinke was also the first pivot with a span of more than 30 metres.

Today Reinke is still at the leading edge of innovation with the Reinke Precision Management Control Panels, the remote monitoring and control options through ReinCloud, Reverse Towable Pivots, and Flexible Three Wheel Base Beam.

A steel cover protects the motor from the elements, and all that is needed to get your Mini Pivot going is some petrol in the tank.

Reinke grows with Africa

Reinke has been part of agricultural growth and development in Africa for many years and recently anchored themselves even more strongly in Africa with the opening of a complete warehouse and parts centre in Durban, South Africa. That means fast and efficient service all over Africa.

“We would never have reached the growth we have without the right team,” says Patrick Ellis, Manager Reinke SA.

Patrick and his team can provide a turnkey solution including project design, supply, and installation of all the equipment, as well as operational and maintenance training.

“I have a very capable team in the warehouse under Dhliep Bissessar, Warehouse Manager, and we have strong technical support and after sale services with Jaco Scheepers as Technical Sales Manager and Paul van den Berg as the Technical Service Engineer.”

Pivots from Reinke South Africa are creating fertile fields in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Sudan, Algeria, Guinea, and Senegal.

Patrick says: “We have shown enormous growth over the last couple of years. This is not only due to the superior quality and reasonable price of the Reinke pivot, but also because we understand that the success of our client is also our success!”

Contact Patrick Ellis at 031-350-4525 or, or visit to find your nearest dealer.