Over the past few years, power quality has deteriorated significantly in South Africa, resulting in increased power outages and various other problems including phase rotation problems. The phase rotation problem occurs when the grid has been restored after a power outage. These power outages may be caused by cable theft, mini-sub blowouts or due to the malfunctioning of switchgear due to poor or no maintenance.

When power is restored, the phases are reconnected in the incorrect sequence which causes reverse phasing. This is destructive to machinery and equipment such as conveyors, refrigeration compressors as well as any other three-phase motor applications. In the case where inverters are being used, the inverter senses the incorrect phase sequence and goes into protection mode meaning that it will not switch on. Scenarios such as these have enormous financial implications for businesses.

In the Agriculture sector the damage to electrical infrastructure is even worse than in most other sectors. Cold rooms, conveyer belts, water pumps, silo’s etc are all directly influenced by phase rotation, under- and over- Voltage and surge. When this equipment is damaged, farmers experience lengthy operational downtime, not to mention the financial impact in replacing or repairing the equipment.

Riken Electric (Pty) Ltd is an established brand in the low voltage electrical market that is well equipped to offer solutions to problems such as these. For more than four decades, we have worked hard to build a reputation for reliability and quality. Our customer-centric approach ensures that we deliver excellent service.

Our experienced team in the Riken Technical Solutions division has designed a perfect solution for overcoming the phase rotation problems described above. Our solution can be manufactured to accommodate three-phase residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The unit can be wired to automatically maintain a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation irrespective of the upstream configuration. It also de-energises or isolates the circuit when over- and under-voltage, phase or neutral loss conditions occur. Ultimate surge protection can also be incorporated into the solution if required.

Besides automatic phase sequence correction solutions, the Riken Technical Solutions team offers a range of other services too. Our low voltage distribution boards are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of each client. We design and build solutions that align with your technical specifications and operational demands, including control panels and low voltage distribution boards. Our voltage regulation solutions ensure the protection of equipment from voltage fluctuations that may lead to malfunctions or premature failure.  We specialise in Lightning-Induced Electrical Transient protection and systems to safeguard critical infrastructure from the destructive effects of lightning-induced transients. Our team of experts designs and implements cutting-edge solutions to protect sensitive electronic equipment from Single Event Micro surges.

Riken’s 180A Autophase sequence correction solution.

To discuss any of our products or services, please contact us at (012) 804 2666 and speak to Hannes or Jaco in our Technical Solutions division.  Visit our website at www.riken.co.za to view our range or products and services.