Roksol, a leading solar project management company and a subsidiary of Rock Powerline Electrical, a trusted leader in electrification, reticulation, distribution, construction, metering, and maintenance on low, medium, and high voltage systems with over twenty years of extensive knowledge and experience in the electrical field, is shaping the way forward in the solar industry with designs and installations, promoting renewable energy solutions.

Rock Powerline Electrical boasts with a competent team that consists of experienced and qualified professionals who ensure compliance and quality in all their projects – under the full-time management of the owner and professionally assisted by both internal and contracted companies.

Rock Powerline Electrical offers construction and maintenance services to:

  • Substations: Upgrading and maintenance of 11 to 132 kV substations.
  • Overhead powerlines: Construction and maintenance of low, medium, and high voltage powerlines.
  • Cable services: Installation, jointing, and terminations for 240 to 33 000 V cables, including fault location, pressure testing, and tracing.
  • Electrification projects: Handling projects from 240 V to 22 000 V.
  • Mini-substations: Installation and maintenance of 11 000 to 22 000 V mini-substations.
  • Switchgear: Installation and maintenance of switchgear systems from 240 to 22 000 V.
  • Transformers: Installation and maintenance of transformers ranging from 16 kVA to 5 mVA.
  • Lighting: Public area and road lighting, domestic, commercial, and industrial lighting, as well as high mast installations and maintenance.
  • Metering: Installation of prepaid and conventional meters.

Roksol was founded in 2020 and originated as an EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) entity under Rock Powerline Electrical. In 2021, they branched out as an independent entity dedicated to renewable energy solutions. The primary focus was on integrating solar photovoltaic energy systems into existing industrial applications. Since then, the company has expanded their client base and now provides comprehensive financial and technical design solutions for projects of various scales, and offers a broad range of services, including site selection, feasibility studies, engineering and design, procurement of materials and equipment, construction management, ongoing maintenance and operations with solar energy projects. This holistic approach allows the company to offer full turnkey solutions which save time, money, and clients can enjoy a hassle-free outcome.

Roksol is contributing to a sustainable future by accelerating the use of solar energy. They aim to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to make solar energy more accessible to businesses and individuals, along with promoting the awareness to the benefits of solar power, ensuring grid stability and providing energy security for future generations. This company aims to build trust and dependability in the renewable energy industry while maintaining high levels of service and integrity.

As a trusted partner in renewable energy, Roksol has successfully completed and implemented over 50 MW designs for various stakeholders. Their commitment to delivering high-quality designs and precise financial forecasts ensures that they meet the clients’ standards, enabling efficient installation and project management solutions. Their goal is to help clients maximise the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy. This involves working closely with clients to understand their energy needs, developing customised solar energy solutions, and building great client relations.

Roksol’s process includes:

  • Technical expertise and project management: They provide consulting services to help clients navigate the complex regulatory and financial landscape of the solar energy industry. This includes assisting with local zoning and permitting requirements, and ensuring compliance with relevant environmental and safety regulations.
  • Regulatory and compliance support: They assist clients in navigating local zoning and permitting requirements and ensure compliance with relevant environmental and safety regulations, helping businesses and communities transition to clean, renewable energy sources and reduce their environmental impact.

Roksol believes that professionalism and integrity are the cornerstones of their success. “Professionalism and Integrity, in all you do, the rest will follow,” encapsulates their commitment to excellence.

For more information, visit their website at or contact:

Jocelyn Dormehl: 082-387-3268

Clayton Basson: 074-200-8513