The SARO team from the Kabwe Branch conducted a highly successful farm mechanisation demonstration at Kafinda village in Kapiri. This event, funded by the European Union, was part of our ongoing commitment to empower emerging and small-scale farmers with modern agricultural tools and techniques.

Farmers from Kafinda and the neighboring Mukonchi village attended the event in large numbers, eager to witness firsthand the transformative potential of mechanization. The centerpiece of the demonstration was the versatile Two Wheel Tractor, which captivated the audience with its various attachments. Among these, the Soybean Reaper, Boom Sprayer, and Rippers stood out, showcasing their ability to significantly enhance farming efficiency and productivity. The adaptability and ease of use of these attachments left a lasting impression on the farmers, many of whom expressed keen interest in integrating such equipment into their agricultural practices.

In addition to the Two Wheel Tractor, the demonstration also highlighted the crucial role of water pumps in mitigating the impacts of drought. By ensuring a reliable water supply for irrigation, these pumps can help farmers maintain crop yields even during periods of water scarcity. The demonstration of the Push Planter underscored the importance of precision planting in maximizing crop output, while the Petrol-Powered Mini Hammer Mill illustrated how small-scale farmers could process their own grain, adding value to their produce and increasing their profitability.

The success of this event underscores SARO’s dedication to enhancing the livelihoods of small-scale farmers through innovative solutions. By providing access to affordable and efficient mechanisation tools, we aim to foster sustainable agricultural practices that can withstand the challenges of climate change and improve food security. The enthusiastic response from the farmers at Kafinda village reaffirms our belief in the transformative power of mechanization and encourages us to continue our efforts in collaboration with partners like the European Union.