SARO Agro Industrial Limited proudly participated in the official launch of WorldSkills Africa 2025, a momentous event inaugurated by the Minister of Technology and Science, Hon. Felix C Mutati. As a leading manufacturing company providing equipment across diverse sectors like Agriculture, Food Processing, Construction, and Energy, SARO showcased its commitment to skill development.

At the heart of SARO’s contribution is its pivotal role in training individuals on the proper utilization of the equipment it supplies. The company actively engages in hands-on workshops, covering a spectrum of skills including Equipment Operation Techniques, Routine Maintenance Procedures, and Troubleshooting Skills. SARO is also dedicated to nurturing talent by providing internships to students from esteemed institutions such as NRDC.

Mrs. Namakau Lisulo Phiri during the SkillsAfrica Launch

Mrs. Namakau Lisulo Phiri, Marketing Manager at SARO Agro Industrial Limited, emphasized the significance of SARO’s presence at the event. She stated, “SARO attends as both an employer of people from TVET institutes and as providers of skills training.” Mrs. Phiri highlighted SARO’s commitment to ensuring that individuals operating their equipment are well-trained, emphasizing the importance of efficiency and safety.

Expressing her pride, Mrs. Phiri stated, “It is an honor for SARO to be part of this Skills training initiative, and accreditation with TEVETA will not only validate our efforts within our customer base but will also resonate across the entire nation.” SARO’s involvement in WorldSkills Africa 2025 launch underscores its dedication to fostering skill development and contributing to the growth of a competent and empowered workforce.

Farmer being trained to use a two wheel tractor.