With the constantly rising fuel price, it may be wise to get an electric car from EV Global. EV Global is South Africa’s biggest independent electric transport business since 2009. “With our national franchise network we don’t just sell the best product at the best price, but we also provide the best after-sales service,” says Heinrich du Preez, CEO of EV Global.

Except for their golf carts they also have a wide range of electric vehicles like motorbikes, scooters, wheelchairs and small motor vehicles.

“All our products have built-in chargers that work on single-phase power. Our chargers switch off when the batteries are fully charged,” says Heinrich.

At the beginning of 2021, EV Global has entered the fleet market and placed golf carts at Goldfield West and Jackall Creek golf courses.

“We import our products ourselves. We also choose our products and visit our suppliers to make sure our products are of the best quality. We cut out the middle man to offer the best product at the best price,” says Heinrich.

EV Global also offers customized cars to customers and designs them specifically according to their tastes. “With our own manufacturing department, we can adapt the vehicle to the client’s taste or to brand their company.”

EV Global’s golf carts can take you from the first hole to the last one on the golf course. “Depending on the load and the surface that is driven on, it can reach an average distance of 60 km on a single charge,” says Heinrich.

You can also service your golf cart at one of their franchises. “All our franchises have fully equipped workshops with trained staff and all the correct tools.”

Service delivery is their biggest priority. “Our excellent service delivery is what gives us an advantage in the market.”

They are also Standard Bank and West bank approved for financing.

Contact them at 076-588-5487, or info@evglobal.co.za or visit their website at www.evglobal.co.za for more information.