Water, tanks, storage … if these words sound like something close to your need, you should be introduced to Rainbow Reservoirs.

Established in 2003, this company has proven that it is worth its salt. They are manufacturers and suppliers of tanks made of bolted Aluzinc steel panels.

Their reach stretches far beyond South Africa. Rainbow Reservoirs walks in a close alliance with Heritage Tanks in Australia, also experts in the field of steel water reservoir production. Consequently, Rainbow Reservoirs comply with the extremely strict Australian standards regarding water storage systems.

Perfect for national applications

This company’s storage tanks are literally for everyone. They have satisfied customers over the entire continent of Africa, ranging from sectors in industrial, agriculture, mining, commercial, food-processing, to domestic, rural and fire-fighting.

Water is essential for life, but with water demand, access and supply becoming more and more of a threat, Rainbow Reservoirs helps with the preservation of earth’s most precious resource by enhancing the ethic with which water is being managed. Believing it is everyone’s responsibility to add to rainwater harvesting and water conservation, they want to provide cost-effective ways to suit everyone’s needs. In essence, their steel reservoirs allow the storage of a live-giving resource.

This solution is easy and accessible for everyone, whether you want to store water on a large scale or just for yourself in your own backyard.

These water storage tanks have almost as many benefits as the liters of water they contain.

Keep your head above the water

Installing a water reservoir sounds like a big and daunting task. Luckily for you, Rainbow Reservoirs has it down to a tee. Their products are innovative and have passed the test many times before. It is not without reason that they have a record of faultless installations across Africa.

How do they do it? At Rainbow Reservoirs they adhere to maintaining skills integrity and targeted selection rather than casting a broad net.

They believe that superior quality, total attention to detail, exemplary service and supreme expertise can only be properly attained by dedicated commitment. Furthermore, they are devoted to using only the highest quality Aluzinc steel possible.

They believe in getting it right the first time. That is why their teams consist of experienced professionals.

The tanks you buy from Rainbow Reservoirs are durable, reliable and maintenance free. Investing in these automatically means you are investing in peace of mind when it comes to your liquid or water storage.

Not just a water tank

Buying quality over quantity is clever, but why choose when you can have both? Rainbow Reservoirs confirms that every component of their water tanks is meticulously sourced and inspected to guarantee top quality before installation.

They are committed to achieving the highest standards of professionalism in terms of labour, health and safety, quality control and business practise. They actively pursue formal qualifications/certifications via recognised organisations empowered to assess the worthiness of their products, services, or abilities and to grant appropriate certifications for the same.

One of the valuable reasons to invest in collecting and storing rainwater, is because of the amazing qualities of rainwater: free from pollutants, minerals, salt, and manmade contaminants. Since water is scarce and rainwater is free, why would you not take advantage of that?

Rainbow Reservoirs’ storage tanks are simple to use and maintain, require minimum time and effort, lower utility bills, are inexpensive to build, and can be used for irrigation.

Rainbow Reservoirs focuses on products of high quality that will last a lifetime.

Contact them now!

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sales@rainbowres.com or (+27)11-965-6016. Alternatively, visit their website at www.rainbowtanks.co.za.