In this day and age, reliable network connectivity is critical when you operate a farm. Your pivots, pumps, and fleet of tractors all need to connect to the Internet and share data to the cloud or apps you use to control them. The pivots that connect to a control centre, the tractor that shares data with a planter or combine to ensure precision planting and harvesting, each need a network connection in order to fully deliver the promise of monitoring, and controlling what the manufacturer promised.

With smart farming becoming more and more popular, the need to manage multiple connections is also rising. What you need is SIMcontrol. It is an online platform that allows customers to manage all their SIM cards across devices.

SIMcontrol is the solution every farm business needs. It partners with mobile network operators to enable their customers to better manage SIM cards on a large scale. SIMcontrol makes it quick and easy to add or suspend SIM cards without any long-term contracts. One of the major advantages is that SIM cards from different network providers can be managed all in one place, whether they are prepaid, contract or APN SIMs. SIMcontrol also automates SIM management, by topping up SIMs automatically, and setting spending limits.

Some benefits include:

  • You can set up customised spending rules.
  • Options for secure and private APN networks.
  • SIM cards are monitored to ensure they are active and online.
  • Add, recharge or suspend SIM cards without the hassle of contracts-any time.

Farmers can also use SIMcontrol for devices such as GSM controllers, livestock monitoring, soil monitoring, security, CCTV, tracking and many more.

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