Almaz Agro Africa has the machines every grain and seed grower need to process grain and seed. By making use of top technology that is simplified to require minimum maintenance and the minimum power, these machines from the Ukraine are cost effective and easy to operate.

Allen Mackay, Almaz Agro SA’s sales director, demonstrated the company’s ISM Grain Processing Machine and AMD CCD Colour Sorter at NAMPO 2023.

ISM range for grain processing

The Impeller Separating Machines, or ISM range, uses an impeller fan system to create a jet air stream. The grains or seeds that need to be sorted are added to the top and falls into the air stream, where they are sorted by means of gravity according to their specific aerodynamic properties. For example, green pods and soyabeans, that are heavier, catch more air. Thus, in one simple movement, the grains or seeds are processed.

The unit on display could handle 5 tons per hour for grain preparation, or three tons of per hour for seed preparation.

In a single pass, seeds with the same size and quality are created. This simple movement provides a great seed product with the same germination potential and equal energy to grow. Because the machine selects only the best, most protein-rich seeds, it can assist in increasing the yield up to 30%.

The ISM units are available in many models with a wide range of capacity, from 5 tons per hour, to 200 tons per hour, to suit a client’s specific requirements.

Because of the intelligent design, the machine requires minimal maintenance.  It is also very low on power consumption, which makes it a popular choice in South Africa, which is suffering from an inconsistent power supply. It requires 0,55 kW variable speed drive from a solar inverter system or a very small power generator.

MD CCD Colour sorters

Allen also demonstrated the RC1-64x AMD colour sorter imported from China.  This second-largest colour sorting machine from Asia is one of Almaz Agro SA’s flagship products, and Allen is proud to market and sell the product.

The AMD CCD colour sorters have the capacity to sort grain to the highest purification levels by removing impurities to provide shelf-quality food.

The machine is extremely intelligent and with a bit of programming can sort grains with very slight colour differences to obtain the highest purification levels.

To display this capacity, Allen demonstrated the sorting of a barley and maize infusion with the aim of extracting the barley with a 99,5% purity to create milk barley. The mix was heavily contaminated with weeds, which poses a problem in the Cape Town region, he explained.

The machine on display could colour sort two tons of grain per hour, as the capacity is based on the size of the chute and the contamination level of the grain.

The capacity of the machines varies and starting at the ability of the RC-1 that sorts 1,5 tons per hour, the RC-12 can sort 20 tons per hour. Bigger units can sort up to 24 tons per hour.

The ability to sort based on colour is based on the Super HD quality of the Toshiba-brand cameras the machines are fitted with, which allows the machine to run a high speed, while still managing to sort and remove subtle colour differences.

The ISM grain processing units are available in many models with a wide range of capacity, from 5 tons per hour, to 200 tons per hour, to suit a client’s specific requirements.

To achieve a nearly 100% of purity, Almaz Agro SA usually link up the colour sorter to an air cleaning product so that the product can be pre-cleaned.

The intelligent magnetic control, high-frequency ejector technology provides the machine with the ability to process the product fast and efficiently, with an ejection lifespan of up to eleven billion while ensuring the perfect quality that is required.

According to Allen, the colour sorting machine is available at a very good price that is cost efficient and can pay itself off in one season. He believes that this is a better deal than that offered at a co-op at present.

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