Does a severe lack of farm buildings make you scramble to find space for your animals and equipment? These buildings could be used for many different purposes, each of which would make them important or even necessary.

SM Structures offers tailor-made solutions according to farmers’ needs. Structures offer protection from external elements, a place to store supplies, equipment and food, as well as a place for animals to take refuge. Farmers can also use them as a storage space for their various tools and machinery.

Aircraft assembly structures and their components

Crop protection is of utmost importance for a farmer. If you own your own aircraft for crop-dusting and you are looking for a storage place for your aircraft on the farm, SM Structures has the answer for you.

SM Structures specialises in the construction of prefabricated steel buildings, including airport hangars and other similar structures.

SM Structures has spent a lot of time and effort making the best aircraft hangar structures in the country. They get a kick out of giving their aviation enthusiast friends advice on the most effective ways to protect their planes that will not put a strain on their budget. They are well aware of how challenging it can be to keep planes safe from adverse weather, such as the kind that occurs in South Africa.

Their aeroplane hangars are designed to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing in their construction. The pilots are not only put at ease by these buildings’ ability to shield expensive aircraft, but also by the fact that they offer so much space. They also store the necessary tools and equipment to guarantee that the aeroplane will always take off without a hitch.

Structures that can be assembled for use as barns and warehouses

SM Structures are leaders in the field when it comes to constructing flexible office spaces out of steel, and made in South Africa. You can reduce the cost of construction while still having enough space to keep stocks or products, provide a home for animals, use as workshops, and fit equipment. Because they make use of leading-edge technology and high-quality materials, they are able to construct much longer buildings without using column support.

During the design process for agricultural steel structures, the specific farming needs of farmers are taken into account. Each steel building that comes from SM Structures is individually designed and engineered to meet the requirements of any and all equipment storage requirements, as well as being in compliance with any and all relevant regulations and standards.

The time has come for expansion, and SM Structures has the solutions you are looking for. A steel structure from SM Structures is the perfect place to store tractors, combines, planters, diggers, bale wagons, bale wrappers, balers, rakes, blowers, aerators, cultivators, rotary hoes, tedders, grain bins, backhoes, mowers, loaders, graders, excavators, cranes, grain trucks, flatbed trucks, and harvesters.

“Every SM Structure is built from the ground up to accommodate solar panels.”

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Contact SM Structures at (+27)11-786-1043 or to have a new barn built for your farm’s equipment. In terms of site selection and technical specifications, they can provide you with comprehensive guidance.