Monitor your livestock performance – with Weighscales and loadbars

We are making the entire Weighing and EID system faster and simpler than ever before.

Manage your animal weights and weight- gain all on an easy-to-use, fully intuitive touch screen.

Changing the future of farming

Manage grazing patterns – with Energizers

Electric fencing requires less time, effort, and capital than traditional fencing. However, its true value lies in its powerful pasture management capabilities.

It gives farmers precise control over feed to allow allocation of pasture and other forages through permanent and temporary sub-divisions

Revolutionize your farm, with Gallager’s fully integrated equipment.

Protecting your world for 85 years

Improve your yields – with the Wireless water monitoring system

Identifying and then finding water leaks can be time- consuming and frustrating. Monitor your water level and flow all from the comfort of your phone.

Keep your animals in, and predators out- with fencing

From permanent too portable fencing, they are easy to install and operate and provide highly effective animal control that lasts and lasts.

Monitor your devices anytime, anywhere – with the Gallagher apps, available on your app store.

View real time information and receive alerts.

Animals escaped again?

We keep your animals safe and secure, providing you with peace of mind.

Simplifying the weigh scale experience

Manage your animal weights and weight- gain all on an easy-to-use, fully intuitive touch screen.

Eliminate the most common failure point of traditional Load bars – the cables.

Sunlight readable LCD touchscreen

Wireless Loadbars offer a solution for all livestock farmers.
Turn your phone into a weigh scale with Bluetooth connectivity to the Animal Performance mobile app.

Small- or large-scale farming, we have all the fencing accesories you need in one place.

Batteries Solar Panels Gates Stock Prodders Monitors & Controllers

The easiest way to keep track of your data.

EID tag readers

With its large colour screen and alpha numeric keypad, the Handheld EID Tag Reader is the most powerful portable data collection and editing platform available, providing flexibility right there in the yard.

EID Tags available.
Enquire for more information.

Tough, rugged steel load bars with slotted top-mounting holes fits most sizes of platforms

Gallagher Load bars are packed with features for outstanding performance – a galvanised chassis to ensure long life, protected cables to minimise damage in the yard and easy maintenance with no moving parts.

How do you know you’re low?

A better view of your water.

The problem. Common issues with water management include:

Stock running out of drinking water
Insufficient water supply for livestock hydration can have significant impact on animal health and performance.

Unknown water availability
Checking tank levels is difficult and time consuming. Often only checked once it’s too late and water levels are running low.

Hidden water leaks
Water leaks are difficult to detect. Often only known after you have already wasted a significant amount of water or your tanks have run dry.

Remote water storage
Water tanks are often in remote locations across your farm. Out of sight and difficult to keep an eye on.

Keep an eye on your tank levels with wireless water monitoring that gives you certainty of how much water you have available.

Monitor up to 9 tank levels
• Control up to 2 water pumps
• Measure water consumption
• Detect abnormal usage
• Set notifications and alerts

High quality, long lasting electric fences

Ideal for tough South African Farming conditions.

Portable, reliable power

These robust and highly portable units make a great alternative to traditional battery powered systems.

Works up to 3 weeks without sunlight – Still the King of Power

Combining the brute force of 120 Joules with intelligent fence monitoring technology, the M12,000i maintains high fence voltage while also informing you of fence faults before they become a crisis.

Contact us for expert advise and inspection of your fence.

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