Swartland Spuitpompe started as a small business in 1991. “We started with the repairs and selling sprayers of another manufacturer. Now we design and manufacture our own sprayers and import sprayers from Spain,” says Sarel Swart, owner of Swartland Spuitpompe at NAMPO Harvest Day 2023.

Swartland Spuitpompe covers a wide area and exports sprayers to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.

Their staff consists of sixteen people and are like one big family. “Everyone is an expert in their field. The youngest employee has been with me for four years, and the oldest employee has been with us since 1991,” says Sarel.

Swartland Spuitpompe builds customised sprayers according to their customer’s needs so that they are exactly suitable for each farmer and each farm.

“Farmers can identify what size fans they want on their sprayers. It is very important because every terrain differs and has its requirements,” he says.

Sarel Swart from Swartland Spuitpompe elaborates on their product range at NAMPO.

Swartland mainly focuses on manufacturing sprayers suitable for vineyard, berry, tunnel and strawberry farming industries. And also, everything that is planted in rows.

Swartland Spuitpompe has a team in the Western Cape that services the farmer’s sprayers on the farm. “We are committed to supplying farmers with the best service possible, and we are committed to getting parts within 24 hours on the farmer’s farm.”

It is also very important to see that the client uses the right nozzles. “You cannot deliver a sprayer with incorrect nozzles,” Sarel says.

“We use 13 mm thick tanks, an 800 mm thick chassis and a 6-tonne axle on standard on our sprayers. Heavy duty and perfect for South African terrain,” Sarel concludes.

Swartlands product range:

  • RS-series sprayers
  • RS 3000 citrus sprayer
  • Teyme GTX 9 sprayer
  • Teyme GTE 10 A nut sprayer

All RS sprayer machines can be ordered in the colour that the client wants to fit his tractor. The air unit is developed over 50 years to ensure a proportional flow.

The sprayer length varies between 3,2 and 3,75 m and it is 1,8 m wide with big tyres that prevent soil compaction.

The tank is a 13 mm thick fibreglass with a built-in 5-litre clean water flushing tank, and is streamlined to cause less damage to fruit and trees when you move. The RS sprayer range is available in 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 ℓ.

Contact Sarel Swart for more information about the sprayers at 082-554-2121, 021-876-3510 or send an e-mail to rasc@adept.co.za, office@swartlandspuitpompe.co.za

Also, visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/Swartlandspuitpompe