Are you ready for the school holidays? Grab your flip-flops, beachwear and sunglasses as you head outdoors, but don’t forget your gear! For camping or activities under the summer sky, remember to pack your Knittex groundsheet.

Knittex’s groundsheet is a raised profile knitted mesh fabric. This product is ideal for camping, picnics, garden parties or any outdoor activities. It is placed under tents, in front of caravans as a ground cover, or under picnic blankets to protect it from dirt.

You can use the groundsheets for:

  • Beach mats
  • Camping ground covers
  • Children’s play mats
  • Cricket practice nets
  • Exercise mats
  • Groundsheeting for tents and caravans
  • Open-air concerts
  • Picnic mats
  • Privacy screens
  • Sporting events

Quality manufacturing makes a quality groundsheet

The groundsheet is an open aperture lockstitch which means that it allows sand and dirt to fall through the open mesh structure. Whether it is the beach or bush, any sand tracked onto the groundsheet falls through.

With this type of product, it has the benefit of causing minimal damage to the grass. Other full cover sheets block out the vital UV rays that the sun needs to grow. It also prevents any air circulation, causing the grass to die. But with the open aperture lockstitch, groundsheets have openings that allow air to flow. So, no need to worry about the lawn you worked so hard to grow!

Knittex groundsheets are available in this dark green colour.

Strong and durable groundsheets

Knittex manufactures groundsheets to be strong, durable, hardwearing, flexible UV stabilised, and lightfast. The knitted mesh fabric is made from high-quality pigments and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) materials. The material used is virgin polyethene. This is what gives the fabric its durable qualities.

Due to the type of materials that are used and the way it is knitted, the groundsheets have the following features:

  • It doesn’t rot
  • It doesn’t unravel
  • It is water resistant, and
  • It doesn’t hold or absorb water.

What is more, the cloth is easy to wash. So, if you happen to be camping and rain causes a muddy mess that is tracked onto the groundsheet, cleaning is simple. Simply rinse the sheet with clean water. Lightly scrubbing to get dried mud off also won’t damage it.

The groundsheets are pre-packed in 2,4 by 3,6 meters, but they can also be made to size. Groundsheets are manufactured complete with webbing and eyelets along cut edges. It is available in the colour Dark Green.

To order your groundsheet today, head on over to the Knittex website to find your nearest dealer.