Technology that serves the farmer is critical to streamline the farming enterprise, but a farmer also depends on a reliable team that can assist him with product queries, advice and taking care of his farming needs. That is why the Gallagher South Africa Animal Management team works hard to bring their clients both the best products and the best service.

More than two decades of experience have proved to their clients that quality products and exceptional service go hand in hand. Today they ensure they have a team that can live up to those expectations.

Meet the Gallagher team

Zinia Moloi is the e-commerce and Marketing Administrator. Her role is to take care of the clients who are unfamiliar with online shops and need assistance. “I take the clients through the shop and help them every time until they feel comfortable to use the platform on their own,” she explains. “When I started at Gallagher, I was a receptionist. Later I was promoted to this role where I use my skills and love for people to assist farmers.”

Zinia is a people person and her bubbly personality shines through. The online shop was a vital component during the pandemic. “We expected some hesitance when we launched the platform, but we saw many customers welcoming the new way of doing business,” Zinia declares.

“Our farmers are not afraid of the advances in technology, but they also want to know that there is someone who will guide them in acquiring the right products and confidently using the online store.” The platform is user friendly, but Gallagher understands that no one wants to feel like they have been abandoned in the customer journey. That is why they gladly offer this service. In Zinia’s opinion, a positive attitude is what makes the fresh and innovative Gallagher team work so well together to the benefit of their customers.

“Everyone is eager to help each other and to work together to find solutions for customers,” she smiles. Zinia says the highlight of working in agriculture is delivering a product that the farmer is satisfied with; helping them is a pleasure. “It is easy when you believe in the product that you are selling. Gallagher culture is giving the best of yourself and your product – it is 5-star quality. A part of their 360-degree client service means that the team is aligned to achieve the same goal: A strong, simple product backed by exceptional service.

Demi Nel is the Territory Manager for the coastal regions of South Africa (KZN, WC, EC). “I inform farmers on smart farming. Smart farming uses technology and products such as those that Gallagher provides to make farming easier. These products are so simple and intuitive so that farmers can quickly learn how to use them and understand how they work within minutes of first seeing the equipment,” she elaborates. Being part of the dynamic Gallagher team is a joy for Demi. Being active and travelling to meet clients and their businesses is what drives her.

“Going to the farm and starting the conversation about a product that might be needed, and then walking away, knowing you made a difference, is humbling yet satisfying. I get to learn so many things. Just recently a farmer explained to me how strip grazing benefits his farm, and I could offer him the product that could help him make that possible,” Demi adds. “The most amazing part of the team is that you are not on your own. You can pick up the phone and we assist each other.” As a team player and someone who has spent a lot of time playing sports, the team environment makes Demi feel right at home.

Being helpful to each other and to farmers is about more than getting a job done; it is a part of the DNA the Gallagher team shares with the rest of the international company.

Mark Smit is the Sales Manager for the Animal Management Division. “I lead the sales team and deal with this division’s complaints and queries. I have been with Gallagher for eight months. The aim is to develop the African market and enable these farmers to also practice smart farming,” says Mark. “What makes me glad to be a part of the Gallagher team is the fact that we are not bound to a specific group of clients. We can work together, meet a variety of people, and have different experiences.” Mark believes that the team’s open communication lines are what makes the team so strong.

Benard Willemse is the Territory Manager for North-West, Northern Cape and the Free State. “I take care of our clients in those provinces. Because we are on the road so much, it is great to have a team who can jump on the phone and assist us. Our distinct personalities also add to one another,” he said. “Farmers are the backbone of our economy. Without them, we are nothing. I have always wanted to do something in the agricultural field, and now I get to help safeguard farmers and improve their business.”

Being part of the Gallagher Animal Management team

“Our product quality speaks for itself. Products last for years,” Mark explains. “The value you get with the products, coupled with the after-sale service, makes a farmer’s work easier on the farm. It improves production and delivery for the food chain. I am proud to help make that difference.”

Zinia declares: “Personally, I have never met people in an industry that works as hard as farmers. If you see the sweat and tears that go into their production, you know it can only be love. It makes one thankful for the food on our plates.” Benard believes that strong leadership ensures that the team has a clear goal towards which they are working. “We keep the goal alive by regularly touching base on where we are and where we want to go,” he said. Demi added that as employees, a strong team environment with good leadership also helps them perform better.

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