Technopol Southern Africa (Pty) LTD, established in 1993, is a leading manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (LiteCel™ EPS) products and solutions primarily for insulation and construction applications. LiteCel™ EPS is the benchmark insulation material: lightweight, versatile, durable and easy to work with. It is used in construction in ceilings and walls, floor slabs, building extensions, livestock housing, cool rooms

For more than 28 years Technopol has been providing clients with the best service and quality in the industry.  EPS products are manufactured in block and shape format using modern equipment housed in three factories, 18000 square meters, in Springs, Gauteng.

The professional, dynamic team of technical, sales and production experts offer clients a wide range of highly functional and largely customizable solutions.

Technopol is wholly South African owned and is a member of the Thermal Insulation Products & Systems Association SA (TIPSASA).

As the leading manufacturer of Expanded polystyrene products under the general trade name LiteCel™, we are continuously innovative in order to provide superior performance. Special grades of LiteCel™ are manufactured and sold as FRCel™, GreyCel™ and FRxCel™.

Here at Technopol we take pride in being socially responsible, walking hand in hand with local communities and employees. We take care to ensure that our actions and any changes we make are both positive and sustainable. We understand that the future of our business depends on growth and profitability.

Technopol positions itself in the market by way of an innovative differentiation model founded on the principles of reliability, quality, competitive pricing, service excellence and being socially conscious.

Our polystyrene sheets can be cut to your required size, in various densities depending on the application. The sheets are commonly used for insulation purposes in the roof, wall and floor, as well as various other applications.

PolyCool, a composite insulating board comprising white Vinyl Foil laminated to one side of a polystyrene sheet, offers a durable, washable, and aesthetically pleasing insulated ceiling solution. It is cost-effective, durable, and easy to install. PolyCool boards are available in widths of 600/1200mm, thicknesses of 35/50/75/100mm and any length up to 6000mm.

A more durable alternative to PolyCool is SuperCool. Supercool is a composite board comprising of a white 1mm UPVC sheet laminated to one or both sides of an Expanded Polystyrene Board, also offering a durable, high pressure washable and aesthetically pleasing insulated ceiling solution. The Expanded Polystyrene board thickness is determined by insulation requirements to a maximum of 100mm. Expanded Polystyrene of the Fire Retarded type is used in a standard density of 15 kg per cubic metre. Higher densities of 20 or 30 kg per cubic metre are available if required by special insulation and mechanical requirements.

We offer various cost-effective energy saving materials for all your farming needs!
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