The KARL MAYER GROUP is a mechanical engineering company that offers its own digital solutions in addition to a wide range of products and services in the textile industry. With its activities, the group aims to offer its customers the best solutions for their business.

Since this German, family-owned company was founded in 1937, it has focused on financial independence and economic success by being pioneers in their field. Today, the focus of the group is on textile machinery building. The business activities are focused on the two most important stitch-forming processes, warp knitting and knitting, as well as on the areas of technical textiles, warp preparation for weaving and digitalisation.

The brand KARL MAYER focuses on warp knitting, warp preparation for weaving and the production of technical textiles. The brand STOLL, on the other hand, focuses on flat knitting. KM.ON is designated for digital solutions and STOLL ELECTRONIC for electronic components.

KARL MAYER GROUP successfully serves customers across the globe

“We ensure the success of our international customers with economically and technically best products and services,” says Adam Stevenson, Sales Manager KARL MAYER. “We have 3 100 employees globally. This means that we are always close to our customers and their needs.”

The group has subsidiaries in the USA, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Bangladesh, and Switzerland, as well as agencies in all parts of the world.

“The KARL MAYER GROUP operates Research and Development centres all over the world and cooperates with universities and institutes to develop its forward-looking innovations. The innovations relate to technologies, textile products and digital offerings, and always focus on the benefits for customers,” he explains. According to Adam, the company uses approximately 18% of its total sales for R&D and investments.

“As a permanent, reliable partner with decades of experience and a high level of quality in all areas, we support the competitiveness of our customers and business partners.”

The KARL MAYER GROUP headquarters in Germany.


The biggest European Textile Machinery Trade Fair, ITMA, which has just taken place in June, afforded the KARL MAYER GROUP the opportunity to show what its innovative solutions look like. Among the highlights of the exhibits was the HKS 3-M ON in the warp knitting area.

“The latest model of this digital tricot machine generation offers maximum benefits thanks to an outstanding machine performance and state-of-the-art technical features. But what is especially impressive is its incredible speed, even when working with sequential yarn feeding from the warp beam and numerous pattern changes. This machine actually clocked up an unparalleled 2 900 revolutions per minute during the trade show.

“The customers from the flat knitting area were impressed by the ADF 530-32 ki FLEX. With its tag line of ‘One machine for everything’, this STOLL model really does revolutionise the concept of variability. The all-rounder clearly demonstrated this by whipping up a pair of trousers, a dress, a top, a jumper, and even some upholstery fabric during the trade show itself. With its unparalleled spectrum of different high-quality knitted products, it not only offers incredible speed, but also the flexibility to handle changes that might be made to the order. “

The main attraction in the technical textiles areas was the WEFTTRONIC® II G, which now ensures even greater competitiveness thanks to new features and upgrades. “The new VARIO WEFT laying system proved a real hit with our customers. The weft insertion component is aimed at maximum flexibility,” Adam explained. With this machine, the patterning of the weft thread can be changed electronically – quickly and easily, without mechanical intervention in the process of threading in or limitations with regard to the repeat lengths. It also produces less waste. With this in mind, the WEFTTRONIC® II G scores well when it comes to sustainability and costs.

A highlight in the warp preparation area that we exhibited at ITMA was the MULTI-MATIC® 32 Compact. The new warp sampling machine has the same footprint as its predecessor while being twice as productive. It also makes it possible to react flexibly to market requirements thanks to quick and easy pattern changes and short changeover times. What is more, the fully automatic model with optimised ergonomics can still be safely operated in the event of a shortage of skilled workers.

KARL MAYER GROUP cares about the planet and people

The issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important to KARL MAYER. Its developments are aimed at achieving greater sustainability and profitability at the same time.

For the KARL MAYER GROUP, after-sales service means more than just supplying spare parts and providing reactive services. The global player takes a holistic view of the subject and offers “Care Solutions” aimed at maximising the overall effectiveness (OEE) of its machines and minimising operating costs (OpEx). It is all about ‘service4you’ and providing more. More expert support, more supply of spare parts and more online services.

“We have a strong focus on digital support offerings that means customers benefit from unique next-level support,” Adam adds. “Anyone wishing to take advantage of this will have quick and easy access to the individual solutions through a new, clearly structured Customer Portal. This Portal offers a wide range of support solutions, for example remote service for maximum machine availability, perfectly network of the machines with the Connectivity Package, Care X-Tend package with a choice of support solutions, transparency in energy consumption and WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS.”

Customers can also train their employees in the worldwide KARL MAYER Academies. Just another way of putting customers first.


To find out more, visit the KARL MAYER website.