Armormax Defence introduces its TAC6 to the world: a groundbreaking platform that sets new standards in technology and performance for this class of vehicle.

So why the need for a six-wheel drive Land Cruiser that can be lightly armoured, heavily armoured and fill a number of operational roles? Simply because all other solutions available are either too light and incapable, or too heavy and large to be agile and easily transported. In many military combat situations, agility and versatility are key to operational success.

Development on the project started with a request from a Special Forces regiment for a vehicle that could handle several disciplines, be able to get in and out of non-permissible environments quickly, that did not require any special training to operate and could be easily serviced in the field by its operators.

The base chassis and platform can fulfil any one of these roles and more:

  • Personal carriers
  • Tactical vehicles, with variety of weapons platforms
  • Ammunition carriers
  • Mechanical field workshop
  • 3 500 l Fuel or water tanker
  • Water purification plant
  • Firefighting unit
  • Ambulance unit
  • Game viewer
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Leisure
  • Overlanding
  • Aid delivery
  • Food/Cold Haulage
  • Generator units
  • Small vehicle transport
  • Logistical support
  • Radar platform
  • Drone platform
  • Anti-tank guided missile launch platform

With an impressive off- and on road gross vehicle mass of 7 tons, a state-of-the-art suspension system, advanced drivetrain, increased outputs of 192 kW and 710 Nm and an exceptional operational range, the Tac-6 is the culmination of our relentless pursuit over the past seven years to create a versatile and unrivalled solution for military, mining, and agriculture.

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