Thermal imaging is not only for spies in action movies anymore. These days owning a thermal imaging device can save your life and possessions.

Ultranexus are leaders in the field of thermal imaging; with world class products and expert advice they will help you find the device that works best for your needs.

What thermal imaging needs do I have, you may ask? Thermal imaging can be used to keep your farm animals safe, help with hunting and protecting your crops or in the fight against poaching. These devices can also be used when trying to get rid of jackals or bush pigs on your farm.

Schalk Kruger, Chief Executive Officer of Ultranexus says they started importing night vision devices five years ago when they realised there was a need for it.

The Axion XQ35 LRF.

Thermal imaging and farming

One of their main markets is the farming community.

“A farmer can walk in the darkness and scan his entire farm or perimeter without giving away his position or giving off any light. This way he can identify anything that is alive, whether it is a sheep, a cow, a bush pig, or a criminal,” Schalk explains.

Ultranexus’ Pulsar devices use thermal imagery that picks up heat signals and not infrared which uses light.

He says it has come to the point where farmers’ three most important tools are their tractors, their guns, and their thermal imaging devices.

Schalk tells the story of a customer who bought a monocular from them. A week later the farmer and his wife were woken up one night by a notification from his sheep collars.

They drove to the top of a hill and using their new thermal monocular, noticed three people among their sheep. More shocking was while looking back at the house through the monocular they saw six people with machetes entering their house.

“If it was not for the sheep collars and the thermal device, they would have been inside the house when it was robbed. He told me he bought the device the previous week and it already saved their lives.”

Getting rid of bush pigs and jackals can also be done with ease. By using their thermal imaging rifle scope or thermal monocular you can shoot from a distance or get up close to the animals.

The Thermion 2 XP50 Pro LRF.

Thermal imaging and anti-poaching

Ultranexus is passionate about conservation. Specifically anti-poaching, and over the years they have assisted many conservation initiatives.

With thermal imaging you can spot a heat signature up to 2 km away, you can identify the object from 1 km and at 500 m you can be sure if it is a poacher or a buck.

Rangers also need to patrol at night and Schalk explains how these devices have saved their lives countless times.

“It is difficult to see at night and a lion could be stalking from ten metres away or a herd of elephant can trample you in the dark.”

The Merger XP50 LRF binocular.

But how to choose?

Do not worry if you have no idea on where to start when choosing a thermal imaging device, because this is where Ultranexus and their dealerships can assist.

Schalk says you first must identify your need. They have three types of thermal imaging devices: binoculars, monoculars, and rifle scopes, each with their own product range.

Pulsar products may not come as cheap as others, but it is worth every cent. Pulsar devices have a three-year warranty, that alone could be the deciding factor.

Unlike many other night vision devices with a built-in battery that diminishes over time and usually runs out of power as soon as your warranty have expired, Pulsar has a rechargeable and internal battery.

The devices’ power supply automatically switches between the internal and external battery while you change the rechargeable battery. This provides a seamless transition for your device without switching off and you do not lose crucial time in the field.

Pulsar also puts a lot of thought into their devices. They have a pro-staff team who sponsors professional hunters from around the world. These hunters use their products and provide feedback to help advance the range and improve ergonomics. With the inputs of actual farmers and hunters, Pulsar ensures the best built, most rugged devices with the most user-friendly digital interfaces and buttons.

The Axion XM30F monocular.

Why not speak to a dealer?

Schalk boasts that Ultranexus gives the best aftersales service. They also have a repair facility in Cape Town and do most of the repairs in-house.

Call one of the Ultranexus’ dealerships today to find a thermal device for you. If you want to learn more about what Ultranexus has to offer visit their website at