Photos: Livetrack SA

Weighing is the way to keep track of your livestock’s performance. For that, a reliable scale is needed. Livetrack offers you reliable Gallagher scales of the highest quality, that work with minimal effort and hassle.

Livetrack SA is a supplier of a wide variety of livestock handling equipment, from sheep and cattle crates to scales and livestock identification products. Their factory is located outside Stellenbosch, but they serve customers all over South Africa.

“Our business originated from three partners who believed – and still believe – that there is a great shortage of quality handling facilities of international standard,” says Deon De Jager, one of the three shareholders of Livetrack SA. “We feel that South Africa should be able to cope with less farm labour just like first world countries. Therefore, handling facilities should be such that farmers are able to do so.”

The entire Gallagher weighing system is on this road crate. The interface with the screen is conveniently at eye level. Below the crate are the weigh bars.

Quality is the keyword with Gallagher

Because Livetrack SA is set on improving livestock farming operations, they offer handling facilities, electronic scales, data collection devices, identification products, and shearing equipment. Each product is handpicked to give the farmer the best advantage.

“We strive to provide the best national and international solutions for our customers,” explains Deon. “Gallagher is one of the international market leaders when it comes to electronic scales, weighbridges, and RFID scanners. That is why we are proud distributors of their products.”

He points out that they also stock Gallagher’s range of electric fencing accessories. “We are comfortable putting our name behind the Gallagher product and trust the support network that Gallagher provides.

“We feel Gallagher is a pioneer when it comes to new technology. We would like to see ourselves as innovators in our field, so it’s great to work with such a company.

“The product is of extremely high quality with excellent after-sales service,” he testifies.

The weigh bars are mounted beneath the weighing crate.

Gallagher scales help determine your herd’s condition

Experienced farmers know that scales are not only used to determine if animals are ready for slaughter. No, the use of accurate scales means you can keep accurate records of your livestock’s growth, which affects your management decisions. Slow growth, for example, may indicate that feeding needs to be changed or supplements need to be added to the animal’s diet.

If a specific animal’s weight is decreasing, it may indicate that the animal is sick. If more than one animal in your herd shows signs of being unhealthy, your problem is bigger than just one sick sheep or cow. But the good news is that even these potential problems can be quickly resolved if you catch them early.

Contact Livetrack SA today to get your Gallagher weighing system. Their numbers are (+27)21-981-0939 and (+27)83-266-5599. Also, visit their website at for more information. You can also contact Gallagher Animal Management directly at (+27)11-974-4740.

A cow is led into the weighing crate to demonstrate how the Gallagher weighing scale system works.