After a long hard day out in the fields, there would be no better way to relax and rejuvenate than creating an outdoor oasis to enjoy a braai or a beer and reflect on work done and plan the next day’s activities.

One thing every farmer has the luxury of is space, so the possibilities are endless when considering your ultimate outdoor haven. First and foremost, one should consider building a sizeable deck. This could be multi-level deck, from a wrap-around or elevated deck around the house, down to a deck around the pool, entertainment area, braai area and even a fire pit for those cold winter nights. Although, the bigger your deck, the more impressive, but could also be a potential maintenance nightmare. This is where Eva-Last composite decking comes into its own. With warranties of up to 30 years and little to no maintenance required, you are investing not only into your home, but also your down time.

With the modern-day technology behind composite building materials, you can achieve the look of wood, without the upkeep. With different material technologies, product features and benefits, you can choose the product that suits both your lifestyle and your design preferences.

What’s more, is Eva-Last manufactures a range of sustainable building materials to help complete this outdoor feature. From VistaClad cladding products, to create feature walls that either match or compliment your decking, to Lifespan architectural beams, perfect for a show stopping pergola, or even an architectural screen to create separate areas for lounging and fun at the pool. Not to mention diverse railing options that can deliver a farm or bush lodge feel around that elevated deck. Eva-Last has all the sustainable building products you need to design a beautiful outdoor space that will only contribute to your well-deserved relaxation time.

Much like farming is a profession of passion passed down through generations, so too is creating sustainable building practices for future generations. Where farming requires constant investment back into the earth, Eva-Last also endeavours to give back to nature, employing a zero-waste policy in its manufacturing process, while harnessing solar power in areas of manufacturing and using easily replenishable bamboo and recycled plastic to create sustainable building materials that outlast natural alternatives.

Sustainable farming is imperative to future food production, and by choosing composite building materials, you are further contributing to the overall sustainability of the planet.

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