Acebeam flashlights represent the pinnacle of flashlight technology, combining unparalleled brightness with advanced features tailored for both every day and tactical use.

Renowned for their robust and innovative design and exceptional battery life, the Acebeam range of flashlights is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of outdoor enthusiasts, farmers, emergency responders, and professionals alike. With a commitment to quality and performance, the Acebeam series sets a new standard in the flashlight industry, ensuring reliability and excellence in any situation.

When choosing the best flashlight, it all depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some key factors to consider when choosing your flashlight include

Purpose and use

  • Everyday Carry (EDC): Compact and lightweight, suitable for daily use.
  • Outdoor/Survival: Durable, water-resistant, and long battery life.
  • Tactical: High lumens, strobe mode, and durable construction.
  • Work: Hands-free options like headlamps or magnetic bases for attachment.

Brightness (lumens)

  • The brightness of a flashlight is measured in lumens. Higher lumens mean brighter light and with the right flashlight can mean further beam reach.
  • For general use, 100 to300 lumens is sufficient. For tactical or outdoor use, 500+ lumens might be needed and for search and rescue up to 80,000 lumens can be used, modern flashlights are able to output more lumens than older flashlights of the past.

Battery type and life

  • Disposable batteries: Common and easy to replace (AA, AAA).
  • Rechargeable batteries: More cost-effective over time (Li-ion, NiMH).
  • Consider battery life, especially for extended use.
  • Modern batteries have built in USB or USB type C ports built into the battery itself.

Durability and build quality

  • Materials like anodized aluminium and impact resistance are important for rugged use.
  • Water resistance is crucial for outdoor use (IPX ratings: IPX4 for splash resistance, IPX8 for submersion).

Size and weight

  • Balance portability with the required features. Smaller flashlights are easier to carry, but may have fewer features, battery life or lumens.

Additional features

  • Modes: Multiple brightness levels, strobe, SOS.
  • User interface: Ease of switching modes and operation.
  • Mounting options: Clips, magnetic bases, or head straps.

The amazing Acebeam flashlight range offers all that you could possibly need and what you heart desires in a flashlight due to their wide product offering

Acebeam flashlights are praised for their build quality, sustained high lumen output, and efficient power usage, though they can be on the pricier side compared to other brands. They are particularly valued in professional settings where reliability and performance are critical.

Acebeam L19 2,0

The Acebeam L19 2,0 flashlight is a standout model in the realm of high-performance lighting solutions. Designed for long-range illumination, it boasts an impressive beam distance and exceptional brightness, making it ideal for search and rescue as well as hunting applications. The L19 2,0 features a robust and durable construction, ensuring reliability in the toughest conditions. With its advanced optical design and powerful LED technology, this flashlight offers unparalleled performance, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

More information

  • 2 200 lumens maximum output and 1 083 metres/3 553 feet maximum beam distance.
  • Compact size, only 16,3 cm (6,44 inches) long and weighs only 284 g including battery.
  • One SFT40 HI LED with a lifespan of 50 000 hours.
  • Utilises the self-developed 55 mm TIR Lens (Total Internal Reflection) to form the excellent beam pattern.
  • Included an Acebeam IMR21700NP-510A USB rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery.
  • Dual switches allow quick and easy access to the important settings.

Acebeam X75 brightest power bank flashlight

The Acebeam X75 power bank flashlight is a top-tier lighting solution renowned for its extraordinary power and versatility. Engineered for extreme performance, the X75 delivers an astounding output, making it one of the brightest flashlights on the market. Its rugged construction is designed to withstand harsh environments, ensuring durability and reliability for outdoor adventures, professional use, and emergency situations. With advanced features such as multiple brightness modes, long battery life, and innovative heat dissipation technology, the Acebeam X75 flashlight exemplifies cutting-edge innovation and superior quality, catering to the needs of the most demanding users.

More information

  • 80 000 lumens max output.
  • USB Type-C PD60W fast charging (Standard); 1,5 hours for full charging. Also, can be compatible with PD100W fast charging (Max); 1 hour for full charging.
  • Built-in dual intelligent temperature regulation systems.
  • Intelligent cooling system, effectively protect the flashlight.
  • User-replaceable and waterproof cooling fan (IP68).
  • Momentary turbo activation rapidly responds to emergency situations.
  • Pure copper heat dissipation piece for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Colour-changing silicone sleeve monitors the temperature of the flashlight and protects for anti-impact.
  • Patented mechanical safe lock – No accidental activation.
  • IP68 standard waterproof.

Acebeam P18 Defender

The Acebeam P18 Defender, delivering 5 000 lumens with a maximum beam throw of 629 metres is the perfect sweet spot for those living on a small holding or farm that need something small but seriously bright for a great price. It uses four Luminus SFT-40 LEDs and includes a 21700 battery with USB Type-C charging, making it convenient for extended use in various conditions.

More information

  • Utilises 4 x Luminous SFT-40 LEDs with a max output of 5 000 lumens
  • Max peak beam intensity of 98910 cd and a max throw of 629 metres
  • Dual tail switches enable intuitive operations for tactical applications such as on/off and strobe functions.
  • Intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit with a hidden USB TYPE-C port

For more information on the Acebeam range of flashlights visit or visit any of the below stocking retail outlets:

  • Safari Outdoor, all stores nationwide
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